These 12 Alternate Theories About Harry Potter Will Make You Crazy!!

The crazy theories about Harry Potter

The wizard world of Harry Potter gave us 8 blockbusters movies and offers a fantasy escape to every muggle soul. There can be a handful of craziest alternate theory; after all Magic knows no boundaries and the cursed child has a fascination for the forbidden. Saddle up and take a ride of the 12 second possibilities from Harry Potter series that are pressingly compelling.

This may change the way you knew the story of Harry Potter forever. Obliviate!img1

1. J.K. Rowling is originally the journalist Rita Skeeter from Daily Prophet

What if the wizarding world is real? A tumbler writer suggested the craziest alternate theory that J.K. Rowling can perhaps be Rita Skeeter herself. The character’s mastery with words and professional expertise to create a real-life story sounds synonymous to Rowling’s best traits.

untitledExpelled from the magical world living among us mortals, the journalist turned writer acclaimed fame by disclosing the secrets of the magical community through her books.

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2. The Dursley’s misconduct towards Harry was the influence of his being a Horcrux

Had aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon been really that evil why would they keep Harry instead of sending him to a foster home. Ever wondered about that? Given the fact that a Horcrux brings out the spitefulness and cruelty of people around it. The malicious behavior of Dursleys could perhaps be just the effect of the fragment of Voldemort’s soul left inside Harry that made him an unbearable Horcrux.

img2Ron couldn’t stand a Horcrux more than 5 minutes. Pity! The Dursleys had to bear with it for over a decade.

3. The craziest alternate theory suggests that Trelawney’s Prophecy has a deeper twisted meaning

The prophecy by professor Trelawney states – “either one of them must die at the hands of the other, for neither can live without the other.


For muggles like we, it means that one must kill the other in order to survive. The craziest alternate theory, however, is brilliantly dark; as the line can be an in-link to the fact that they can die only in the hands of each other. And the killing of one among them will make the other invincible and immortal.

4. Mrs Norris (the cat) is indeed the beloved wife of Hogwarts’ hideous Caretaker

The Mrs. tag is already an in-link to this possibilities plus with all the care and concern Argus Filtch portrayed in the Harry Potter films doesn’t need further elaboration to make this craziest alternate theory totally acceptable.


Fitch’s pet certainly have a really long lifespan compared to an average cat!

5.  Defense from the Dark Arts teacher’s job at Hogwarts is a jinx

Why every teacher taking up this particular position at Hogwarts meets with death or utter misfortune by the end of the year? What if the answer to this is the fact is that the position of Defense from Dark arts Teacher is cursed? There is a fuzz about this allover and fans seems to agree with this almost instantly.


Just a wild thought! Maybe Voldemort himself has cursed this position during the dark reign so that the order of phoenix could never be formed again.

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6.  Harry’s bestie is actually Ronbledore

“Knight2King theory” is one of the craziest far-fetched alternate theory so far. Derived from the chess scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

img4Who would believe that freckle-faced Ronald Weasley is time travelling wizarding legend Albus Dumbledore? But if you could remember Ron plays the knight as well as the King followed by the fall of the knight in chess to let Harry move on and fight the dark lord. Doesn’t it sound extraordinarily synonymous to Professor Dumbledore’s part throughout the potter series?

7. Neville Longbottom had the wrong wand all the while

Do you really think Longbottom was bad at being a Wizard? Neville’s magic spells always misfired because he was using his father’s or maybe his mother’s wand out of affection for his dead parents instead of letting the wand choose him.

nevilleA child missing his parents may take on many ways to feel close to them.

8. Sirius Black could be more than just Harry’s Godfather

Harry hailed from pure blood Potter’s family and the Sirius Black’s magical lineage dates back to the Middle Ages. The Tapestry back at the House of Black links the noble blacks to all pure-blooded families in the wizard world including the Weasleys and the Malfoys.  Also, the fact that Black family was stringent about Toujours pur” and burnt out the estranged members of the family could be the reason why there is no mention of Potter family in it.


I wonder if Sirius Black can actually be Harry’s uncle? or perhaps is a distant cousin.

9. The surviving twin George Weasley is probably the future Willy Wonka

The secret chocolate recipe is common between the two characters. Plus, they look eerily similar! No one can deny Willy Wonka had some magic down in his chocolate factory and George Weasley rather the Weasley twins were in love with Chocolate selling.

img7George can undoubtedly grow into the man in the brown hat over the passing years.

10. The Three Brothers

Well, every Harry Potter fan knows the story of the Deathly Hallows, but the entire tale is itself related to the plot and its major characters. This one is more of magnificent writing work than craziest alternative theory. Voldemort is synonymous to the elder brother driven by the desire to find ultimate power and calls upon his death in the process. With undying love for Lilly Potter, Snape portrays the second brother who died for love. Finally, it’s Harry who lived to see the last of his days, and embraced death as an old friend when his time was through.

Any idea who the death could be? It’s Albus Dumbledore. Just another conceptual brilliance by Rowling that takes storytelling to a whole new level.

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The list of the craziest alternate theory is incomplete without mentioning the two awesome fan-fiction theory on “how Harry Potter can end” before the release of the last book which is insanely convincing.

11. Snape kills Voldemort at the orphanage

Severus Snape recovers from the wound as we have seen him doing the same to Draco Malfoy. Hidden in the invisibility cloak and using Hermoine’s Time-Turner to return to the very time when Prof. Dumbledore meets 5-year-old Tom Riddle for the first time at the orphanage and uses a muggle gun to end the horror of Lord Voldemort even before it could begin.

12. Harry has been dreaming it all

When the series concludes with Harry looking at the Hogwarts Express, someone just calls his name rather too harshly. Split seconds later the dust from staircase drops on him and he wakes up realizing it was all but a dream; all of it.

A child’s mind has no boundaries to the imagination. A triumph of good over evil is what a child without parents prone to the mistreatment of foster family is expected to think of and count on.