These Registration Links On The National Portal Of India Are To Be Kept Handy


Shoved in Digitalisation has lately been the greatest controversy throughout India. While some are in favor of the fervent implementations, others are more considerate about some infrastructural upgrade before making digital mode a compulsion. Nonetheless, the boon of digitalisation cannot be overlooked. And while all other online modes of communication, transaction, and entertainment can wait but not easy access to the various significant Government services and public information. The national portal of India will now host all important public information. Serving as the one point online support to the gigantic populace.

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The national portal of India will serve as the forbearer of Digital dreams in India. Just feed in the category and the location in search panel on the national portal of India. And avail all the features links to various Government services or to request, obtain and acquire public information. However, it’s the online apply and registration that is quite an assuage for the countrymen. For the previously infamous and time-consuming hassles will be in-existent with this new approach of online support.

So in what all ways the national portal of India will circumvent the deliberate delays and much annoying shun of plea?

1. Easy apply and speedy processing

Users can now cut the queue and apply from anywhere for all Government services. Easy online application PAN number, TAN number, Passport application, Driving License etc. are now available at Not just Government services, through this link, one can apply to employment exchange or enroll in NIELIT and much more.

Further, the apply section on the national portal of India also features:

2. Obtain printable certificate and public information online

Obtaining any documents, certificates or licenses are now just a click away with the new initiative of the national portal of India. Go to to access the various portals for requesting printable certificates and documents. For license, however, one can so far get the full information on how to acquire a particular license on this link. Corporates will also benefit from this online mode. At they can obtain ground water usage NOC as well. Further, the agricultural sector can access all information on

Additional scope of obtainable information and documents includes:

3. Hassle-free Online Registration

Who can deny the in-person splint from desk to desk for a registration? Gone are the days of unnecessary delays. With the advent of digitalisation in India, registrations are made possible online. At users can register with different Government websites and avail various services entitled to a citizen. Some of them are birth and death certificates, voter ID, Aadhar Card, to register a vehicle or land. Renewal and vigilance registration are also featured on the national portal of India. All you need is to know the permanent residence location and an internet connection to access this facility.

Other services that offer online registrations are:

4. Make quick bookings using the national portal of India

Online booking is undoubtedly the better option than the manual process. A single website to feature all booking links is smart implementation and easier to operate by all. Log on to to be redirected any booking links you click on from the featured list. It covers all the major services that are under the Government, like, hospitals,  Indian railway tickets, Air India flights, guest houses, youth hostels and Govt. lodges. A step ahead in progress of Digital India.

5. Check/Track directly on the national portal of India

All the applications, registrations, complaints and bookings are subject to tracking. In order to have full transparency over the process of handling of these public requests, the national portal of India features a check/track section. Visit! This tracking is immensely helpful for all the applications and registrations as both require a continuous flow of information. As in the applicants can know the progress of their plea online or address to any counter questions accordingly; saving much time. 

Some important tracking links are:

6. Donation to the various welfare schemes

The sole purpose of adding this section on the national portal of India is for both monetary and other aids to various welfare schemes, relief funds, voluntary social work etc. At the donors have complete information about the cause they intend to as well as the transparency of the process. Below are the links for philanthropic contributions:

Internet penetration in suburban and rural areas is the only thing that can guarantee that people of the nation can reap the benefits of all these online facilities featured on the national portal of India. For everything else is all set to make the dreams of Digital India a vivid reality pretty soon.

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