These Facts About Sitting Cross Legged Will Leave You Speechless


We might have heard the old people raise concern over sitting cross-legged, especially the females. My mom use to everytime point it to me to sit properly when ever she found me sitting cross-legged. Is there any truth to it?

Sitting for a prolonged time is not healthy but let’s look into the matter of sitting cross-legged.

Can It Lead to Disease Conditions?  

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Cross Legged Skeletal Structure

Some people say that sitting cross legged can eventually lead to the varicose vein. But there is no valid proof to this. A varicose vein is caused mostly due to hereditary factors and sometimes with age or due to obesity. There are no studies to support the onset of hypertension due to the cross legged seating position. But there has been speculations that the blood pressure levels can increase in people who are already suffering from hypertension.

Pelvic problems can be caused due to sitting cross-legged most of the time. The position in itself is not recommended by doctors as the upper knee is exerting pressure on the lower knee. By crossing your legs, even though one might seem to be comfortable in that stance, the pelvis is twisted to reach out the leg. Automatically, the lower back would also hunch up and even twists the back also slightly. Some may say that alternating the leg on top would cause reduced effect, but there are no reports to back that fact.

Worsen a Knee Problem

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Cross Legged Position
Cross Legged Position

Knee health is a crucial factor in helping you walk. This is in turn related to healthy back and hip. Knee pain alleviates with misaligned knee position. This is a known factor, so by crossing your legs, you are actually putting your leg in an abnormal position. Even if it won’t be a causative for knee problems, you can probably worsen an already existent knee pain.

With several years or taking this sitting position, the strain and effort will deteriorate making you feel comfortable, but the damage will remain. This pertains to not just sitting cross legged but with any twisted seating. It can cause intense damage to Skelton and even Lymphatic system. For people who are able to relate their knee pain to crossing their legs, it is recommended to check into their hips and pelvic issues initially. This is done with physiotherapy treatments and will take some time to cure the root issue.

It is not wise to be sitting cross-legged for more time can you would take to sip a cup of coffee.

So, How Should you Be Sitting?

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Proper Sitting Position
Proper Sitting Position

For people who have to sit for a prolonged period, the right position is the key to keeping pains at bay. The legs have to straight with flat feet, If you have a height problem, you can use a footstool to lie the foot flat. Most of the people today have a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for long hours can do immeasurable damage. Its is advised to take a short stroll after every 55 minutes.

We humans have not been manufactured for the sedentary lifestyle so we have to move to keep our body functioning optimally. Next time, when your body complains of a shoulder or knee pain, recheck on your movements and sitting position.