Therapists Usually Face These Weird Questions And They Will Give You A Good Laugh!!


Every once in a while, there comes a time when our mental balance goes straight out of the window. At times like these, only professional help has any guarantee of getting us out of the precarious situation. However, it takes a lot of courage to go and talk to a therapist due to the stigmas attached with mental health problems. With that being said, here are some of the weird questions that patients so desperately want to ask their therapists –

1. Did you check me out on social media?

weird questions

The reason people want to ask this is because that is the easiest way to learn about someone. So, with this question, you can check whether or not your therapist ever wondered about you?

2. Are my problems funny?

weird questions

People wonder this a lot because, for most of them, it is their first time with dealing with such issues. It always seems as if the person who is listening to your problems will burst out laughing.

3. Do I annoy you?

weird questions

Because the person is suffering from mental problems, it is only natural that the self-esteem takes quite a dip. So, whenever the therapist doesn’t reply or respond with something favorable, the question that pops in the mind is “Did I annoy you?”

4. Do you like me?

weird questions

No, this question isn’t implied in a romantic way. It is instead said in a way to gauge if the therapist likes you on a human level. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be liked?

5. Do you talk about me?

weird questions

The most suppressed question of all time is this. With most of the other people talking about our problems behind our backs, it is only natural that this question pops in our mind from time to time.

6. What are you writing?

weird questions

With the therapist continuously scribbling away on their notepad, it is only natural that our curiosity gets piqued. So what do we do? We control this urge of ours to ask them what they are writing.

7. Am I boring?

weird questions

With a low self-esteem and the therapist ending the session as soon as the time runs out, this question almost always comes up to the tip of the tongue. Did I bore you? Are your other patients more interesting?