Shah Rukh Khan Visited Golden Temple With His Son Abram But Was Abused On Social Media


They say that ‘There is only one GOD’ but forget the fact that we all are his children. There is no certain defined way to preach our God. It’s just a pure heart that we need to connect with him. Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie ‘Raees’ was released on 25th January 2017 and by God’s grace it worked really well and has already entered the 100 crore club.

To thank him and his mighty blessings, Shah Rukh Khan along with his youngest son, ABRAM went to Golden Temple with the film’s producer Ritesh Sidhwani. The film’s success was definitely a big relief for SRK as there were a lot of questions that were being raised of his losing stardom.

The duo was on a promotional trip in Amritsar, Punjab and they had decided to take some time off by offering their prayers at Darbar Sahib. It was just a personal choice with no motive of promotion of his film. He posted a picture of him with his son Abram on his social media account, Facebook, and Twitter. Have a look at them.

Twitter Post

Facebook Post

At the Sri Darbar Sahib. Peace and love and all feelings beautiful. Thank u Amritsar.

Shah Rukh Khan 发布于 2017年1月31日

It was really nice to see an actor like him giving out such a wonderful message that irrespective of which religion you belong to, it is always good to respect and follow other religion for peace and harmony. But soon, his message was misinterpreted by a few bunch of people and then, all the hate comments and abuses started pouring in.

Most of them were offended by him (SRK) following other religion instead of teaching his son about ISLAM. Here are some of the messages that such people left in the comment section of that picture.

Some considered his act as a BIG SIN !

Some suggested him to respect all religion but follow just one, i.e ISLAM.

There were a few who told him to teach his kids about ISLAM and not about any other religion

There was a one who praised Aamir and Salman was staying up with their religion.

One guy accused him of changing his GODSome suggested bizarre theories like ‘BUSINESS POLICY’

“How can you call yourself a MUSLIM !”

The comments that I have just shown are only a small fraction of what SRK is being treated with at this moment. A lot of people have shown disagreement to such thinking but it is the mentality like these which bring unrest and disturbance to peace and harmony prevailing in our country. What are your views about it? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.