Separated By Distance, This Couple Is Still Together In Their Photographs And That’s What True Love Means


Relationships never seem easy with those ups and downs, especially when you’re in a long distance relation. Missing your half in every single moment is common. You love someone but are confined with responsibilities and are left isolated in some unknown corner of the world, far from your mate, not seeing them for long.

Whatever the circumstance may be there in love, this one couple proves that with communication and understanding the toughest of relationship is easy.

Meet Dan Gold and Becca Siegel whose passion for photography and travel brought them together.

This couple (who share a long-distance relationship) still doing what they love and share their journey with the world through Instagram but in a different way. This couple has taken couple goals to a whole new level.

Half Half travel

Becca used to live in Hong Kong and China for 2.5 years before meeting Dan, and now she lives in New York, traveling on her own. Dan too works with a program Remote Year where he gets to travel.

Becca and Dan

They make a collage by using half sides of pictures, just like the juxtaposition of these two images. Giving us a glimpse of their beautiful relationship.


Becca wrote, “Through our photos we hope to convey that the world is a huge and beautiful place, but that distances are only as big as you make them.”

According to the couple, only their photographs are what helps them to stay together even when they are physically apart.


With a soppy smile on faces, their love pictory (picture story) stealing million hearts.