When you are Fed Up of Life’s Complexities, Try this Aromatherapy Methods to Break Free


You might have often heard about aromatherapy working its wonder to relax stressed out people, but never knew which aromatic oil to use and how? The method of aromatherapy has been in use for several years and serve a multitude of purposes. The trick lies in understanding and using it effectively. Some harsh smells lead to headache, so the vice versa can also work whereby mild smells can relieve from headache. It can provide an overall feed good sensation.



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Soaps and perfumes make use of lavender oil. But its use in aromatherapy is for the reason of providing relaxation. The effect of lavender on relaxation is rather profound. The only restriction is to prevent its use while pregnant. For all other people, it can soothe your senses, calm your mind and helps to reduce hypertension problems.



The use of rosemary in aromatherapy is varied ranging from promotion of hair growth, mental stability, reduce pain and also to provide relief for respiratory problems. It also finds use in cosmetic care. It works like a brain tonic to increase the attention and is administered to studying children. With its boosting capacity it helps fight depression, tension and forgetfulness. It reduces the cortisol level in saliva and thus reduces stress. People suffering from chronic stress conditions have also found relief with rosemary.

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Peppermint oil has a menthol effect and works like a stimulant on the brain. In times of mental fatigue or stress, it can give the brain the stimulus required to concentrate. It can be also used as an energy boost on a dull morning. Pure peppermint oil can be added to shower gel or make your own shower solution by mixing peppermint oil with lemon and sparkling water to make an invigorating shower solution.

4.Lemon Balm 

lemon balm

It is also known as Verbena and has a reviving aroma which can revive your senses. It can help you relieve from stress and tension and increases the mental stability of the person. The calming aroma can put you at ease and make you work better. The oil is extracted from the flowers of the Lemon Balm plant. It can also provide resting sleep.

5.Ylang Ylang 


In recent times, Ylang Ylang has been widely acclaimed and used in pot pourris and other room fragrances. But the pure form of this has wide applications in enhancing the sleep in disturbed people. Drops of the oil can be added to the bath for a relaxing bath after a tiring day. It can help to treat emotional trauma and thus helps you connect with your inner self. It can be simply applied to the wrist like a perfume and you can draw its benefits.

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Sandalwood is known as a the romance oil in aromatherapy as it can invoke the romantic feeling. It creates a floaty situation thereby making the person forget all other pressures and indulge into a sensual state. This makes it a popular aphrodisiac. It can help to clear negativity of the mind and invoke positive feelings. It also soothes the nerves.

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Eucalyptus oil is used in massage and pain relief because it has the power to relax the senses and calm the mind. It has several modes of action in aromatherapy like antispasmodic, relieves from congestion, antibacterial and antiseptic.



This also works like sandalwood oil to create the musky feeling for sensual and sultry effect. Patchouli increases mental strength and eradicates the feeling of fear. It has been in use since several thousand years by the Romans and Egyptians. Ancient Indian Tantric sexual practices also made use of Patchouli. Meditation rooms also make use of these to increase concentration.

Do you have more mood eliciting aromatherapy benefits to add to the list? Let us know through your comments.