Romeo and Juliet Coupled by Birth: Are These Babies Meant for Each Other?


The story of Romeo and Juliet is the most celebrated romantic story ever in the history of mankind. The eternal love shared by the two is cherished still. Two babies, born in neighboring rooms were named Romeo and Juliet by their parents. The fantasy here is that, this naming was not intentional!

Born in Coastal Carolina Hospital

Romeo and Juliet 10st Day PhotoshootThe star-crossed babies were born in South Carolina within a difference of a few hours. The two babies were in the adjacent rooms. Romeo was born at 2.06 pm on 19th March. Romeo was both to the couple Morgan and Edwin Hernandez. Juliet was born 18 hours later to Christiana and Allan Shifflett.

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The names were decided by the couples before the birth of the babies and they did not know about the coincidence until Cassie Clayshulte, the resident photographer of the hospital found it out.

How it was noticed?
cassie clayshulte romeo and juliet

It was the photographer Clayshulte, who got the idea on hearing the name Romeo. But, little did he expect to find a Juliet next door. He was talking about a photoshoot with Romeo’s parents when he simply went to check
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A word from the mothers
Romeo and Juliet with Mothers

Juliet’s mom says that they had picked the name Juliet as they wanted a name that goes along with the name of their son, Jonas. Romeo’s parents were rather surprised as they say that they had not picked the name Romeo over the Shakespearean character. Both Morgan and Edward liked the singer Romeo Santos and thus had decided the name for the baby.

The families
romeo and juliet with parents

Both the families agree to stay connected to see how the two get together. The conincidence is rather funny, but they do agree that this could be fate.
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The pictures went viral after Cassie Clayshulte posted on social media and the media took it over from there on. The babies are fully formed with cute baby hair making them popular in a day of birth. Her post has attained over 6000 likes, 200 comments and about 1500 shares.


The staff of the hospitals had jokes flowing around the couple and Cassie even vowed to bring them together later in life. The parents have already planned for a Shakespearean photoshoot on the 1st birthday. Cassie even joked to the parents that could book her for wedding photography if they wished too. It was as if they were meant to be together.
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RomeoInternet is cherishing this real-world Romeo and Juliet and demanded for more photos. The below photos were taken 10 days after the babies were born. Cassie has said there will more photoshoots later. The world is waiting for it, to know what future holds for this Shakespearean couple.
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Latest Photoshoot of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet 10th Day Photoshoot Romeo and Juliet 10th Day Photoshoot Romeo and Juliet 10th Day Photoshoot Romeo and Juliet 10th Day Photoshoot