Rekindle Your Old Friendship In These 5 Golden Ways


True friendship is lifelong. No matter how much time you have spent apart, you can always make things fall in the right place again. Everyone is busy in his/her work schedule; hardly anyone gets some social time out for them. Well, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your prestigious friendship. You can always get along with those worthy friends who know you from inside out and have stood by your side in every adversity.

If you are in search of some methods to reconnect with your long lost friends, then you have come to the right place. Let’s compile the best moves to get the things on the right track again.

1. Ping on Facebook

With the development of communicative methods, connecting to your close friends has become just a step away. If you are looking forward to mending the gap with an old friend, then the easiest first step is to ping him. Now, what’s important is the content of the message. Do mention what kept you occupied for so long and what are you indulged in these days. Also, talk about the old days of your friendship. That will create a comfort zone for your friend, and he will reply in the same essence. You can plan a meeting after that.

2. Get along with the favourite pastime

Since both of you have shared a deep friendship in the past, you tend to develop some common interests. Make that interest a tool in reconnecting. Meet your friend and plan a pastime that intrigues both of you.

 3. A handwritten note

Now handwritten things often tend to attract a lot of emotions. Write something heartfelt for your friend and deliver it to him. This will help in blooming the friendship again.

 4. Some out of the box effortfriendship

Since you’re planning to revive the same friendship, an out of the box effort is a must. Buy a sweet little gift, make a small gift or make his favourite food and the like. This will make a special place for you in his heart.

5. Explore different dimensions of fun together 

Try getting along on weekends for some fun activities. This will help you explore new things together and also create some new memories to cherish. This will give a new kick start to your friends