The reality behind the levitating Performers that you must know!!


Many times while passing through streets you might have come across various performers and you also have ignored some while the others make you pause for some time. In most of the cases, these stoppers can be levitating magicians who compel you to wonder about how they do that!!

These levitating performers use to sit on air holding a shaft in hand for hours and this may cause you curiosity. If you like to figure out what is the magic and sleight of hand work then you must go through this article once.

Behind the Scenes:

The levitating performers are simply a variation of the human statue but the difference between them is that the levitating performer always is in the meditative state. But generally, they are Indian or Middle Eastern in style with draped clothing, face masks, and turbans.

But the reality behind the magic is very simple. The street performers use a scaffold of hidden metal that can comfortably support themselves and as a result, they can appear to be levitating without any support. The traditional clothes they wear hides the base platform they sit on and the other parts of the support are hidden by the carpets or other drapes.

Ingredients of magic:

The levitating device which is used to perform this magic trick is actually very simple. It consists of 3 main parts:

  1. The sitting platform on which the performers use to sit for hours.
  2. The shaft which is disguised as staff and extends up from the platform into the sleeve of the performer and down to the seat.
  3. The third one is the platform which is covered by some kind of blanket or rag, but the shaft and the seat are covered by the baggy clothing of performer.

It seems much impressive for a trick but in actual, it is awfully simple. There is nothing much complex magic trick in this kind of performance. One can understand it with more depth by watching this tutorial video that explains how the performers levitate.