Pros and cons of being in a relationship?


Ever been in a relationship? If yes, then you can surely make out the difference as to what it is like being single or committed and if by any chance it is no then the below points will definitely give you a clear picture of the pros and cons of being in a relationship.

Your partner as your friend

Pros: A partner is like a precious gift with whom we can share all our feelings. The special someone makes you feel loved in many ways. A good partner will be able to understand your positive and negative aspects and change you into a better person.

Cons: You will be completely dependent on him/her. There might occur some situations / occasions where you need some different or multiple opinions and it will be hard to get it, as you might have never approached anybody else in spite of your partner and so you find it difficult opening up to someone else.


Traveling with your partner

Pros: Hanging around with friends is fun yet a trip with your partner provides you a special experience. You would not mind going around for a movie or for a little excursion, as you love the person and will have enough things to share, laugh at and discuss. Without a partner, there is always a crushing sense of loneliness whereas no partner means one less person to have disagreements with.

Cons: Sometimes all you want is pack your bag, leave the world behind and go on some excursion with a group of strangers. Doesn’t that sound more exciting than going with the same person everywhere? Sometimes you should break the monotony and try doing something that you have never done before.




Relationship requires compromise

Pros: A true relationship teaches you how to live life. Life is all about adjustments and compromises, you have to first give and then expect to get. Sometimes one has to think beyond one’s comfort zone and happiness, just for the sake of the other person. This is how life goes hand in hand, and this what you can learn only when you are in a relationship.

Cons: When you start compromising at every stage of life, there is a possibility that the other person may start taking you for granted. He/ She might start expecting from you to bend down every time even if it is their own fault.


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Sense of Belongingness

Pros: You feel safe and secure when you know there is someone who will always be there when you need them the most. At the time of emergency, he/she will be the one who will reach you in short notice.

Cons: What if someday he/she is not around you to take care of things. The dependency that you have built on them will turn as your biggest enemy.  As you have never taken your own decisions, you will start feeling insecure in this big world.


The debate on relationship and love is never ending. It is completely your choice on how you want to celebrate all those special being single or with special someone around. Both the relationship statuses have their pros and cons, it depends on you and your approach towards life you want to live.

Do you think being single is much more fun than being in a relationship? Share your thoughts with us.