Almost all people have their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and other social media accounts that provide opportunities and ways for them to communicate digitally. Indeed, the society already considered these things as needs of people. It is no longer wants. When you created your account in any of these social media sites, you were asked by the site to put your desired profile picture. So, we will going to see in this article the different categories of profile picture.

Before going further, the author wants you to know that all information written here are solely based on other blogs and online surveys of some researchers. For example, the researchers of University of Pennsylvania conducted a survey through giving questionnaires to more or less 429 online users. Then, they thoroughly analyzed profile pictures of 60, 000 Twitter users.

Close-up or Face

profile picture

If your face is serious, this may mean that you are trying to convince other people that you are older and mature enough to understand the world. If you are smiling in your close-up photo, however, this indicate that your positive emotions are dominant than your negative emotions.


You are extrovert. You are less happy without the presents of others in your life. Moreover, you love mingling to different kinds of people and you are confident enough to ask a lot of questions about their background. Groupie profile picture may signify that you are not choosy to whom you are mingling with. You keep on accepting people in your life without considering what will be the consequences to you.

Colorful profile picture

A colorful photo of a woman in autumn.

Colorful profile picture means creativity. If your profile photo has more than three colors, this means that you are looking forward for more positive things to happen in your way. However, colorful profile picture may reveal that you are not contented to what you have. You are not satisfied to three colors. Most often than not, you ask for more.


Edited photo of a woman

Art profile picture means that you want to explore the world without hesitation. You have your own style and creativity. Also, this kind of profile picture may mean that you are willing to take responsibilities and challenges  and to accept mistakes, advice, and reproof from others.


Black and white photo of a man

Black and white profile photo means that you are neurotic. You are emotional and sometimes you are negative towards certain things that you see, hear, taste and feel.

Furthermore, if you set a profile picture of another people or things other than yourself, this may mean that you have a struggle of holding back your negative emotions. Sometimes, you choose an image (not yourself) that interest you as your profile picture. In this case, you may have the urge feeling of showing to the world that what you put in your profile picture reveals something about you. For instance: your profile picture is cat. You want to show to others that you are a cat lover. Or you are trying to portray something about you whether in personality, looks and behavior aspect.

the author strongly BELIEVEs that no other things IN THIS WORLD can define who you are except you.

You have now already read the article. Again, this is based from the results of online surveys and interviews. This article does not aim of manipulating your personal life just because of your profile picture.  The author wrote this article just for fun only. So, it is up to you if you are going to believe each description of specified category of profile picture.

Lastly, if you want to share your thoughts about this article, you are free to write it down in the comment box provided below.