People in Rage…Who Spoiled the Superhit Bollywood Song, Humma Humma?


Some remakes are faced with rage from the people. You might have noticed old people going crazy when some old songs are remixed. You might have wondered why?

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Badhshah Well, the recent release of the Humma Humma in Ok Jaanu by Badshah has Twitter and Facebook overflowing with reviews and consequent anger.

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Humma Humma

A.R. Rahman holds one of the supreme positions in Indian music industry and Humma Humma original rendition was done by him. The song still stays alive in the heart and soul of the people. Recently, Badshah took off the curtains and dropped the remake version of Humma Humma which stars Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor in the movie OK Jaanu.

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The song was supposed to be a quick hit having redone by Badshah and Tanishk Bagchi. But people are pissed off. Take a look at these tweets and status messages.


1. That’s the limit of sarcasm2. This one is a warning that says Humma Humma is not just another song.

3. Rap music is a popular genre, but a wrong usage can spoil it completely.

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4. The Classic song was a masterpiece in itself and people are spilling it out on Badshah for having destroyed the essence of the song.

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5. There are people who have even got down to compare Badshah to Himesh Reshammiya.

6. There is a young lady who is understanding the emotions of her father who was furious over other older song remixes. Probably many people are understanding this now.

7. There is one tweet that states Badshah to have robbed the song and screwed it up.

8. A hilarious one is this. Hats off to the imagination of this person. Badshah is not Garam masala.

9. Can you imagine of Mika’s version of Roja Jaaneman??


Do you know of other songs devastated and ripped off by remaking it? Post it and let out your frustration.