What Opposite Sex Feels For You According To Your Zodiac Sign?


Every one of us always wanted to know what opposite sex feels about them. These things can be easily known with the help of Zodiac signs. Here are what they actually mean:


You are courageous and brave. People always want to be around you. Opposite sex always remains in a good mood when around you.


You are a hard working person. You love hard and meet everyone with a smile. Opposite sex is highly attracted towards your sweet and devoted side.


Gemini’s are sweet by nature and that’s what attracts opposite sex the most. Opposite sex loves your cute behavior when you meet them for the first time.


You are creative at heart and emotional. You love art and creativity and that attracts opposite sex the most towards you.


Opposite sex gets attracted towards your cheerful personality. You have an incredible personality which makes opposite sex feel special when around you.


Virgo’s are highly hardworking and down to earth. Virgo’s are loyal and opposite sex may get jealous due to your hardworking nature but mostly they adore your work.


You are highly talkative and can make opposite sex to fall in love with your sweet talks within seconds.


Scorpio’s are highly determined. Opposite sex may take their step back for the first time they meet you but slowly they realize you have a good heart.


Opposite sex mostly loves your quirky and awkward nature. Opposite sex mostly loves your honest and open way to represent yourself.



You love your family truly and whole heartedly this is what opposite sex like the most about you and always think about having the future family with you some or the other day.


You are highly energetic, you are always on fire with your work. You are a bright soul. Opposite sex is in love with your spontaneity. You are like a life of the party and that’s what everyone loves about you.


Pisceans are highly kind and charming personalities. Their concern and   compassion are all that attracts opposite sex.

Now you can easily get to know what others feel or think about you just by your Zodiac signs.