This New Mc Donalds Kiosks Table Service Will Leave You Dumbstruck. Its Amazing!!


McDonald’s has been one of the favorite places where one wants to go when hungry or wants to spend some quality time with their eternal love- ‘FOOD’. McDonald’s has been one of the leading and successful fast food serving company throughout the world. The company however, with the appointment of its new CEO Steve Easterbrook is looking at the quality of food they’re providing. Mc Donalds kiosks table service will provide huge makeovers in the way of providing their services.

Mc Donalds Kiosks Table Service

After Steve Easterbrook took over as the CEO, commitment to serve only cage-free-eggs by 2025 has been taken; more stringent antibiotics policy for its chickens has been implemented, high-fructose corn syrup has been removed from its buns and artificial preservatives have been cut out. The biggest of their makeovers is the introduction of – All Day Breakfast.

The company is not only bringing revolutionary changes in the quality of food it serves but also in the way they serve it. McDonald’s has also declared its intentions about rolling out digital self-order kiosks and table services in all of its 14000 U.S stores. Through these kiosks, customers will be able to order food through touch screens and pick a number with digital locater after which their order would be delivered on their tables by the employees.

Mc Donalds Kiosks Table Service

Currently, these kiosks and the table services are available in 500 McDonald’s restaurants in the southern California, New York, and Florida. The fast food providing giant is planning to provide the same services in cities like Boston, Washington D.C, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco as these are the “trend setting” markets.

Mc Donalds Kiosks Table Service

Steve Easterbrook does not simply stop here. In a press conference he said ‘for the best part of our 60 years we’ve asked customers to fit around our business model.” Now the company is adapting its “business to fit around customers.