Here Is What Your Favorite Indian YouTubers Is Earning Every Month

Indian YouTubers Earning

And they say- If you are good at something, never do it for free. Youtube is the best platform nowadays not just for youth but for anyone who has got some talent. The best part of it is you get paid for the same. People today, know how to make money from whatever talent they have.

Trouble Seeker Team – 1Lakh to 17 Lakh Per Month

They make money through some street pranks and magic or a genre. They have 443,893 Subscribers on Youtube.

Indian YouTubers Earning

Abish Mathew- 2Lakh to 4 Lakh Per Month

Abish Mathew who a well-known stand-up comedian has 324,448 Subscribers on his channel.

Indian YouTubers Earning

Nisha Madhulika- 3 Lakh to 40 Lakh Per Month

A home cook but now a celebrity chef. Nisha Madhulika is cooking up a storm, quite literally. Her easy recipes have managed to make this homemaker a millionaire now. She has 1,800,224 subscribers on her channel.

Indian YouTubers

Shruti Anand- 2 Lakh to 16 Lakh Per Month

This accidental beauty Vlogger is one of the hottest YouTube stars of India. Her beauty tutorials are easy and meant especially for the Indian skin tones. The count is 682822 subscribers on her channel.

Indian YouTubers Earning

Bhuvan Bam- 4 Lakh to 70 Lakh Per Month

And here’s the most known name and one of the most famous YouTubers, this one man army’s YouTube channel BB Ki Vines has over a million subscribers approx 2,641,721.

Indian YouTubers Earning 

Bollywood Gandu- 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh Per Month

Karan Talwar aka Bollywood Gandu has made a career out of slamming Bollywood. And yes, you may remember him from his infamous face-off with Junior Bachchan on Twitter. He has 77,969 subscribers in total. 

Indian YouTubers Earning

Geeky Ranjit- 99,000 to 16 Lakh Per Month

This Hyderabad-based programmer turned YouTuber and has a passion for making tech videos for geeks. From reviewing gadgets to answering tech related queries, his channel boasts of over 5 lakh subscribers.

Indian YouTubers Earning

Rickshawali – 0.5Lakh to 12 Lakh Per Month

We all know that she wants to educate the world and express herself, one video at a time, and all this from the backseat of her rickshaw. She is quirky, funny and real. Current list of subscribers to her channel is 236,829.

Indian YouTubers Earning

Youtube is magical and can do wonders to anyone, no? *_*