Mother-Daughter Duo’s Disney Inspired Photography Totally Nailed This Cosplay Game!


Hey! Have you ever dreamed to live a life of Disney Princess? Most of the girls desired the same and maybe you’re the one of them who wants to fulfill that ultimate fantasy.

But Layla, a 7-year-old shy girl is the lucky among us, as she is dressing up as Disney princess, which helps her to come out of her shell. Layla has a photographer mother, Camillia Courts. And together the mother-daughter duo do cosplay photography.

The series shows that mother likes to dress up as the villain and the daughter as the Princess. Here are their pictures:

*Ariel from The ‘Little Mermaid’

How we spend our Mommy/Daughter time:) #disneyprincesscosplay #disneyprincess #ariel #ursula #arielcosplay #ursulacosplay

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*Snow White from ‘The Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’

This is the most glamorous I've ever looked! Makeup by: @missymackintosh #evilqueen #evilregals #snowwhitecosplay #snowwhite

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*Merida from ‘Brave’


*Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’


*Maleficent and Aurora from ‘Maleficent’

Once again, I couldn't help myself. I was going to share this on Halloween, but I can't wait that long. This was EXACTLY how I pictured this photo. It's not easy to direct while in front of the camera. I don't know how Clint Eastwood does it. Huge thank you to @missymackintosh – Make Up Artist for doing my hair, horns and make up! (Check out those ears!) Thank you @brianmartin1057 for taking this photo and being so easy to direct 😉 Lets not forget thank you to Layla for going along with all of mom's crazy ideas and loving it, Costumes both made by me. I don't mean to brag, but I made both dresses without a pattern. How I did it, I do not know. Edited by @camilliacourtsphoto (me!) #maleficentcosplay #disneycosplay #sleepingbeautycosplay #maleficentcosplayer #disneyprincess #maleficent #briarrosecosplay #disneyvilliancosplay #disneyvillian

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*Belle from ‘Beauty And The Beast’

*Giselle from ‘Enchanted’

*Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’

*Anna and Elsa From ‘Frozen’