How Mineral Water Landed Up This Restaurant In Big Trouble. It’s Hillarious!

Restaurant in big trouble

Whenever we go to different places, we do not give a second thought while spending money on shopping or food. Food is the first thing that is on everyone’s hit list while traveling. However, at times, customers are overcharged and if complained it can get the restaurant in big trouble. Many people do think about the logic and estimate all the expenditures that they may be incurring but many ignore this aspect.Restaurant in big trouble

People’s ignorance towards prices is one of the main reasons why they get charged more by many hotels and restaurants. Whatever be the reason, nobody can deny that ‘Fair Trade Practice’ is being totally ignored by these market experts at large.

Restaurant in big troubleWell, recently, an issue of overcharging has been registered at Savri Hotel of Banjara Hills, Hyderabad where the system was accused of charging double price for mineral water. It was found when a complaint was filed by Ch. Kondaya of Andhra Pradesh that the management of the hotel is taking double charge for mineral water. The cost had been increased to INR 40 from INR 20 which was the real MRP. This explains the loots happening in food and drinks supply especially in hotels and restaurants.Restaurant in big troubleThe restaurant has been taken into custody by the Customer Forum as a case for review and the hotel has been asked to pay Rs.20,000 to the customer as a fine for overcharging mineral water. It has been further advised by the forum that the local public must be aware of the hikes in the charges of the food products and water. When the manager was inquired about the doubling of the rates, he didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation and said that Rs.40 per mineral bottle is a genuine rate.  This not only alarms us about the situation but it also raises a question at the attitude of such people at certain places. We should be aware of the ill practices of such firms and should raise our voice against it. Let’s be aware of our surroundings.