This Is Why The Love Of Your Life Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life

love of your life

‘Our mistakes are the ones that take us closer to our destination’

Our souls were brought to earth to learn some lessons. These lessons aren’t meant to be easy; we’ll have to let our hearts be broken into a million pieces before we hit the point of realization. We need to be ripped apart from our very core and only then we will be whole again.

These are the mistakes we commit in love.

love of your life

Love isn’t ordinary. Love changes the very ground we walk on. Love leaves behind the mundane and takes us across bridges of the unbelievable. But love also makes us susceptible to be destroyed beyond repair and more often than not, that kind of love brings us closer to the love of our life.

We need to be left with the helpless reality that this love was not something we wished it would be but something that had to happen. The truth is that we need to be severed in bits to help us leap towards our soul mate. We need to be crushed to find out a way to put us together. We need to fall into an abyss to figure out what we really crave.

love of your life

Seldom, we choose to stay in damaging relationships in the hope of them working out. But these are not the kind of relationships that are meant to be. No matter how many times we want it to work out differently, deep down; they will meet with a catastrophic end.

It is because of these blunders, we question our beliefs and concepts about love. Without being crushed so terribly, we won’t realize what real love looks like. But this isn’t going to quick. We need to truly listen to the silent whispers of our heart and still keep our heads high. We need to have the courage to accept that we didn’t just walk out of the best thing that happened to us, but we left behind something that would inevitably never turn out for the better.

love of your life

Once this done, we will meet our true love. This time, there won’t be any obstacles to overcome. No demons to conquer and no battles to fight. This time we will be with someone who was truly created just for us.

It will come when we’re ready. When we have moved past restricted ideals of love and moved towards what it really represents for us. This type of love will only come when we know we don’t deserve to settle for anything less than that.

love of your life

It will help us realize our feelings beyond the superficial insights to love. It will help us become the best versions of ourselves. It will inspire us to be great, together. It will help us know that our biggest mistake was actually pushing us onto the path of what was truly meant for us.