Is Each Loss Pushing You Into The Direction Of Your Destiny?


We have always viewed loss as a failure, as something bad, as something being snatched away from us. When we breakup with someone, we tend to recall how much we miss them in our lives. We believe that they have left a part of our lives empty, but we don’t realize how much potential that empty space has.

There’s no way to put a positive turn on pain. Pain is a necessary reaction to a traumatizing trigger. It could be physical or mental. Feeling pain is an integral part of being human and we can’t escape it no matter what. But we fail to notice the opportunities that are present in the pain we feel. Feeling the pain and grief of someone leaving means you were also brave enough to love with all your heart.

But what if every loss was pushing you into the direction of your destiny?

Did you ever imagine dealing with breaking up with the guy you thought you were going to spend your life with has turned out to be so beneficial for your career? Or that moving away from the comforts of your home that you were so scared to do has actually made you more responsible and confident?

Pain is inevitable. Everyone experiences pain and grief at some point of their lives. The way you see it is what changes your life. You might believe that this time it’s hit you so hard that you’re going to break. But pain is here to teach you a lesson. Pain is here to make you stronger and wiser. Without the pain, you would never develop the ability to get through the toughest times in life.

But the same pain is also leading you on a better path, a different and happier path.

This doesn’t mean that one should definitely go through pain, but it’s important to experience a few things. The easiest explanation to experiencing pain is that it happens for a reason. There’s a specific path you are supposed to be headed on and slowly but surely, all the unnecessary things in life which will only astray you from your destined path will be weeded out from your life. The separation might cause you unbearable pain, but that is the only way you can move forward.

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Leaving behind certain things might require all that you’ve got – all your courage, all your patience and all your strength. But it will certainly take you to the other side.

So instead of seeing this pain as a negative emotion, see it as a favorable moment to grow and build yourself up. Don’t let the pain take over you, but use it as a way to a new beginning.

Believe that you are where you were intended to be. Believe that your loss wasn’t meant to take away something from you, but to replace it with something even better.