List Of 6 Celebrities Who Make The Most Money On Television


According to the blog, You’ll Never Believe Who Makes The Most Money On TV, there is the unspoken rule to every Hollywood Stars that the bigger the star, the bigger the paycheck. While is it true that everyone can earn money on the television, however, only a few can make millions and billions of dollar in the television. That is the reality.

This article briefly summarizes the highest-paid celebrities on the television.

1.  Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara topped the list of world's highest - paid TV actresses.
She topped the list of world’s highest – paid TV actresses.

Sofia Vergara, a Colombian – American actress, is the highest paid TV actresses of 2015. She acts as the Gloria Delgado – Pritchett on the Emmy Award-winning comedy, “Modern Family“, which is now in its eight season. She earned $28.5 million from June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2015.


2. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey plays a ruthless democratic house democratic house whip.

He is the leading actor of the streaming services’ Emmy – winning drama entitled, “House of Cards”. Luckily, he is making $6.5 million per season.


3. Ellen Degeners

Ellen Degeneres makes $220, 000 daily.
Ellen Degeneres makes $220, 000 daily.

She started running her own daytime talk show back in 2003. She is known for her witty jokes and numerous deals. Also, she is the only comedian who earns a large sum of money (around $70 million a year).


4. Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer is one of the top – paid news anchor.

He is the co-anchor of NBC’s “Today” show since 1997. He is earning $22 to $25 million every year.


5. Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons is the world's highest paid television actor.
Jim Parsons is the world’s highest paid television actor.

He is a famous player of egocentric Sheldon Cooper on CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory”. He makes $1 mIllion per episode.



6. Judge Judy Sheindlin

Judge Judy topped the list of highest paid American television stars.
She topped the list of highest paid American television stars.

Judy Sheindlin, living in Naples, Florida, has an estimated earn of $290 million in 2016. Additionally, Judge Sheindlin makes $47 million per season of Judge Judy, from CBS Television Studios.

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