What Was It Like To Live In India In The 1990s!


Growing up in the 90’s was not just about seeing two centuries but also witnessing the world change in all terms let it be technology, lifestyle, social values and what not. Everything then was way too different than the world we live in today. Here’s a glimpse of how it was to grow up in India in the 1990s

1. 10 pm was very late

India in the 1990s In the old days, parties weren’t scheduled till 12 but till 10 pm.

2. Computer was a luxury

Most of us didn’t have PC’s then, and school computer lab was where we got to interact with one.

3. No Google

Back then, you had to gather information from books and newspapers, unlike today.

4. Unforgettable Rasna

Rasna was the real thirst quencher those days that came in pouches.

5. Boogie Woogie

It was the most popular dance reality shows and Javed Jaffrey was the best entertainer.

6. Video Games for just Re.1

When there was no Clash of Clans and Mini-Militia, there was this video game in shops you could play for 5 minutes just for Re.1

7. Pictures stored in private handy albums and not on Hard-drives

Yes, no likes and no comments but just memories to look at.

8. Tablet meant medicines

If you don’t give any more description about the tablet you want, the shopkeeper may hand you a costly multi-media gadget today-‘TABLET’.

9. A Joint family

If you’re grown up in the 90’s, you probably know what a joint family is and obviously its size.

10. The 90’s iPod

Stereo Walkman was the iPod back in the old days which played cassettes and CD’s.

11. Maruti 800 was the fantasy

Owning a Maruti 800 was a real fantasy for every middle and upper middle-class family.

12. Kaun Banega Crorepati

Hosted by Amitabh Bachchan in the late 90’s, it is still one of the best shows.

13. Just phone and not I-Phone

Someone having a phone was assumed to be rich, unlike the status symbol today-‘The I-Phone’.

14. Cycle was the dream

As a 90’s kid, owning a cycle better than everyone else’s was always a dream.

15. About summer holidays

Summer vacations back then didn’t mean family trips to beautiful hilltops, but visiting relatives or having them as guests.