Life Inside Hong Kong’s Coffin Cubicle Will Leave You Crestfallen


With the growing population in Hong Kong, the concept of Coffin Cubicle came live. This is an insult to human dignity, the UN Remarked. The National Geographic recently launched a series called “Trapped” which will trap your heart in grief. The people who live in these coffin cubicles are the local vendors, waiters, guards, etc. The miserable life that they are living is awful. They do all the necessary actions in that tiny space.

There is no place for ventilation. Imagine we cannot even stay in a room for ten minutes which has no windows.

My heart is sinking at this site

Are these people humans?

“That day, I came home and cried,” said Benny Lam, the photographer who captured the grim living conditions of people living in Hong Kong’s ‘Coffin Cubicles’.

This is a violation of human rights!

They are very pocket-friendly but how does one survive?

They are like death traps

I cannot see this one!

How can one live in such poor conditions?