This Is How You Let Go Someone Who Wrecked You

relationship difficulties

Leaving behind. Letting go. Getting over. Moving on. It is as difficult as it sounds.

Think about all the pain, the suffering, and the hurt, and LET IT GO. Think about the guy you loved with all your heart but he never appreciated you. Think about the friend you always looked after but she took you for granted. Think about all that you gave up for people who didn’t even bother to pick up the phone to call you. Think about the times you lifted their spirits, encouraged them and supported them, but they were nowhere to be found when you spent endless nights crying alone. Think about all that and let it go.

letting go

But you’ll say – it is easier said than done, right? It’s difficult, gruesome and brutal, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE. To be honest, letting go and moving on is extremely complex because people aren’t simple at all. Right now, you’re in the acute stage of emotional trauma. Your thoughts are haywire and your mind is in chaos. You feel you have no ground to land on without them. But trust me, this too shall pass, because you’re a lot stronger than that.

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You can do this. When you think you can’t stand up on your own feet, think about all the people who love you. Think about all the times they made you laugh till your stomach hurt. Think about all the happy memories and little joys they gave you. Think about all this when you’re feeling like you’ll drown in the ocean of sorrow they created for you. Honey, you’re a rare diamond and it’s only their loss if they failed to understand your value.

letting go

They were always going to dim your light. They were always going to make you feel like you weren’t enough. They were always going to make you doubt your own capabilities. BUT IT WASN’T YOU, IT WAS THEM. You were the storm they couldn’t ride out so they had to seek shelter. They couldn’t handle your fire so they had to put it out.

The one thing you must remember is that the people who put you in your misery and didn’t apologise for the pain they caused aren’t worth it at all. They are not worth sacrificing your mental health over. What they deserve is to be thrown in the metaphorical dumpster of your brain and to be treated with absolute indifference.

letting go

You need to let go of every one of these people because they will only hold you back. You need to let go and realise that you’re incredible even without them. You need to let go and conquer the world with no one to bring you down.