Lebanese Photographer Omar Reda’s Pictures Of Hindu Holy Men Will Give You Goosebumps!

holy faces by omar reda

Omar Reda, a Lebanese photographer and member of ISTD(International Society of Typographic Design – London) on his journey to Nepal & Bhutan captured 15 outstanding faces of Hindu Holy men.

He named the series as “The Art of the Holy Faces” and explain it on his website

“Religious devotion is expressed in different ways across the world. Humans fantasize in the way they worship their divine. They allocate all their energy and creativity in order to build exotic monuments, statues, icons, etc…

Other than the art of architecture which is different in every religion, they differentiate themselves in the way they design their clothing or do their haircuts.

What attracted me about the Sadhus, the Hindu holy men, is the way they paint their faces. This ritual is called Tilak which is the forehead, it is the place of the third eye or the eye of wisdom.

The paintings come in different shapes and color combinations to symbolize the deity they devoted themselves to.

At the end, I believe art & design are an essential part of the human evolution since the beginning of our time. It also plays a main role in how people worship their supreme power.”

Here presenting his compilation of such pictures. Have a look!

1. A Hindu holy man.

2. Millions followed the same path 

3. Omar beautifully explains, “One Thousand and One Nights 🌫️ ألف ليلة وليلة
This is not a theater nor He is an actor. This is the beauty of traveling to areas you are not familiar with. You encounter situations you’ve never experienced before. When I saw this Sadhu, I felt like I did a time travel back to the days of Scheherazade and Sinbad.”

4. Omar’s word, “Sadhu or Baba is a Hindu holy man. For a person to become one, he needs Vairagya which means a desire to achieve something by leaving the world (cutting family relationship, social and earthly attachments)”

5. “An Indian Sadhu who came to Nepal for the sake of a Hindus festival”, said Omar

6. “Colorful face of a Hindus Sadhu. I will be posting in the coming days photos from my trip to Nepal & Bhutan” Stay tuned with Omar

7. “Another Sadhu (a Hindu holy man). He is well known in the Hindu Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. They paint themselves with paint and ashes or chalk in accordance to the deity they have devoted themselves to”, as per the Omar.

8. Omar explaining, “Sadhus (Hindu holy men) are considered to be dead unto themselves, and legally dead to the country of India. As a ritual, they may be required to attend their own funeral before following a guru for many years, serving him by doing menial tasks until acquiring the necessary experience to leave his leadership.”

9. “Sadhus get stoned by smoking cannabis. They claim that use of hallucinatory drugs brings them closer to God, and thus closer to salvation. The use of the hemp plant in the religious rituals of the worship of Lord Shiva is noteworthy. It is said that cannabis is one of the favourite plants of the deity” his words.

10. “Becoming a Sadhu (Hindu Holy man) is a path followed by millions. It is supposed to be the fourth phase in a Hindu’s life”, wrote Reda

11. Omar describers him as , “This Sadhu’s look was so different from the others. He was wearing many accessories from top to bottom. I think the face mask on the top is the deity he devoted himself to.”

12. He explain, “Many Sadhus traveled all the way from India to Nepal in order to attend the Holy festival in Kathmandu.”

13. Reda wrote, “When eyes tell a story. This Sadhu was doing a yogi gesture by putting his foot behind his head”

14. Magnificent eyes searching God.

15. He smoke cannabis

I feel power to go through these magical “The Art of the Holy Faces”