Do You Know That Smoking Weed Can Do These Harmful Things To Your Body? You Will Not Believe How Harmful It is!


The whole world is up and debating right now whether or not to legalize recreational drugs. There are a huge number of staunch supporters who want it to be legalized. However, there are vehement opponents as well. We are neither of those. With that said, here are some things that smoking weed does to you –

1. Damages Blood vessel

smoking weed

Now, this may be a temporary problem at first, it gradually intensifies over time. A minute of second-hand smoking or directly smoking weed decreases the blood carrying capacity for 90 minutes. This at first is temporary but over time it becomes permanent.

2. Testicular cancer

smoking weed

Bad news guys. Smoking pot increases chances of contacting testicular cancer. This is not just rumors or wishful thinking on the naysayer’s part. This has actually been proven by studies. So there goes that.

3. Short term memory loss

smoking weed

Stoners are often categorized as forgetful people. Well, the discrimination may not be entirely false. Recent studies have shown that people who frequently smoke weed do actually suffer from short term memory loss.

4. Heals bones

smoking weed

Yes, smoking weed does help too. Studies have actually proven that smoking weed increases the rate of healing up in bones. It helps in easier and better absorption of minerals in the body. Not only is this beneficial for mending broken bones but it also helps in the longer run.

5. Makes you socially inept

smoking weed

Recent studies have shown that people who regularly some weed have more financial problems, antisocial behavior and relationship problems.

6. Financial Problems

smoking weed

As per studies and surveys, people who smoke pot on regular basis end up in the lower strata of the society. If you look at it, people who didn’t do weed but whose children do, their children would be worse off than them. Weed and ruin go hand in hand

7. Dulls creativity

smoking weed

Contrary to the popular belief, Smoking weed actually dulls creativity.  No matter what a huge number of musicians etc. may tell you, weed actually dulls the creativity.