Did you know about these Holi like festival of colours from around the world?


In India Holi is a delight; all the colour splurging fun games with friends and family is indeed a wonderful way to celebrate the colours of life. Nowadays as Indians settle in various parts of the world Holi seems to have been adopted as a local festival of colours in some places and inspired many similar celebrations worldwide. The local masses of every generously participate in a gala time to celebrate the festival of colours.

However, the festival of colours is no longer confined to the Indian culture alone; many countries have their own crazy festival that falls into the same category. Some are the exact water balloon fights and getting drenched in colourful-glee while others are a far more bizarre version of Holi.

Let’s have a look at the festival of colours from around the world.

1. Life in Colour – the campus colour bash in Florida

Started in 2006 as a college festival in Florida this one is somewhat inspired by our very own Holi. This paint party is celebrated in multiple cities throughout the USA and recently sprawled to a few other destinations worldwide. The event also includes a grand music concert. Over the performances, you’ll be bathed with a huge water hose spraying colours from upstage in short intervals.

2. The famous La Tomatina of Bunol, Spain

After the Bollywood blockbuster movie, “Zindegi na milegi dobara” Tomatina festival of Spain is certainly known by many. It’s more of a tangy Holi; fresh tomato pulp and paste being the only ingredient to paint it red. An hour of tomato fight at the town square and associated central street of Bunol; but you got to squash a whole tomato with hands before you throw it as one of the game rules.

3. The Holi Festival of Colours – greatest international colour-fest worldwide

40 major cities across 16 countries host this festival to celebrate the colourful joys of life, ever since the Berlin event on June 29, 2012. Just like the name the entire event is an imitation of our Holi celebrations to embrace the spring. Likewise, the special attraction of local foods, exotic drinks and musical performances are available in loads to keep you charged throughout the day.

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4. Clean Monday in Greece – annual  flour war carnival

Revellers celebrate the beginning of lent period on this day. held sometime in early March; it’s also known as Ash Monday among locals. Pelting fistful of coloured flour has been the tradition for over 200 years now in the Greek town of Galaxidi. After all the people of Greece seems to have their own unique kind of flour powered gulal for the colourful day!

5.  Batalla del Vino de Haro- Spain’s splash of red wine festival

The “paint it red” seems to have varied forms in Spain; this time it is with red wine in the quaint town of Haro, at the heart of Spain’s vibrant vineyards. On the 29th day of June carousers clad in white; to blaze in the bright purple stain after the Vino bath. Mostly locals and handful of wine lover tourists climb up a mountain where the wine fight begins. Though in later hours the frolicking and fun gradually move to the cobbled streets of the town Haro. The after dark hours are celebrated with street parties and wine tasting all night long.

6. Holi One of Cape town

The South African version of Holi is much alike to the staple festival of colours celebrated in India. Pelting each other with colours and frolicking with coloured water balloons being the activity for the day. While a neon-lit live concert awaits the revellers, for pumping up the party night.

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7. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

Holi can’t get any nastier than this! In Boryeong the partygoers roll over, slide in or pelt each other with mud as a celebration over the city’s famous mineral-rich mud flats. It is basically a 2-weeks long event held in July at the seafront area of Daecheon beach. The last weekend marks a grand carnival with mud sports and onstage performances.

8. Battle of Oranges at North Italian town of Ivrea

Italy’s fruity Holi is all about throwing oranges at each other. Squash it and smash it! The participants are roughly divided into combat teams for the carnival. The event takes place in February of each year to the rise of a new spring and the last day is referred to as the night of shove. Unlike other carnival finales with throughout the night party and merrymaking, the Orange festival marks a silent march as the curtain falls.

9.  Holi Garden Festival, Ibiza

The vivacity of Ibiza deserves a very own festival of colours on its list of tourist attraction events. Enkindled from the bright Indian Holi festival, it’s a celebration of togetherness. The best part there are no rules for frolicking and no boundaries to fun at the Holi garden festival Ibiza; though, you got to be  18+ to be a part of this celebration.

10. The Colour Run – International Holi marathon

Sprawling over 200 cities from 40 different countries the Colour Run is the colourful way of promoting a healthy lifestyle and celebrating fitness. It’s one of a kind among the festival of colours from around the world. Over the 5 km of the fun run, volunteers will pelt the runners with powder colours of rainbow hue to several layers. This happiest 5k on the planet also has an epic Finish Festival; for full-on frolicking with awesome DJ mix and live music.

11. Chinchilla Watermelon Festival, Australia

At the Watermelon Capital of Australia, one can witness a Melony Holi. The event takes place on a Saturday in the month of February and is the best for indulging in ultimate Watermelon sports and treats. Rope slide, melon skating, pip spitting competition, melon bullseye and many more fun games. Along with a street parade and great country music, you get a dip into watermelons with every single activity over the event. Plus the grand finale marks a brilliant show of fireworks.

12. Songkran festival in Thailand – the cleanest Holi

This festival of colours though do not include any use of colours but it never fails to celebrate the colours of life for the people of Thailand. Possibly the cleanest Holi from around the world as only water splash is the means of frolicking in this event. In addition to water guns, trained elephants and firetrucks are also a part of this festival; to splash water on the huge crowds as they celebrate getting drenched.

13. Colorjam Color Music Festival, Texas

The mind-blowing fusion of music and colours make Colourjam a whole new genre of fun events. Celebrated in November each year this festival of colours is among the most awaited gatherings in Texas. Live music will keep on entertaining the revellers as they pelt and soak in swirls of colour throughout the day. Also, the event is followed by a Colorjam “College Town” Tour to cherish the kaleidoscope of friendships over the colour fights.