Did you know these 11 sexy things men do unintentionally actually makes them more desirable


The inclination towards the muscular body, strong perfume and shapely trimmed beard are among the strongest of masculine appeals that no woman can possibly ignore. If you thought that the charm of a gentleman is weighed in terms of his cautious chivalry, think again! A modern woman knows very well that love is much beyond candlelight dinners, date nights and ball dance. Pretence can portray itself on special occasions and can hardly reflect a person’s true nature but what he does nonchalantly give in much about the person. Therefore, the sexy things men do unintentionally matters most for a woman to be decisive about whether or not to date him.

Let’s have a look at the petty things that men do casually as a part of their everyday life which has the potential to cast a strong love spell on the opposite sex.

1. Fold up sleeves accentuates the forearm

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Maybe it’s just the scorching sun and summer heat, but folding up the sleeves in style has always added an extra oomph to a man’s sex appeal. The exposed the Extensors and Flexors muscles make the hands look firm. And women simply love strong firm hands to cling to. However, make sure there aren’t too much body hairs on the forearms to play the spoiler.

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2. The provocative reminiscent smile

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It’s a myth that a bold laughter alone looks mighty on men. There is more sex appeal in a reminiscent smile than a deliberate wink. Not just while greetings but if a man put on a smile nonchalantly it makes them look absolutely adorable. Plus, wondering what is going on in his mind becomes a nice guessing game and women love uncovering the mystery.

3. Loosening the tie casually pump-up the steamy quotient.

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loosening a tie may seem to be an extremely common everyday thing to men but it has an immense effect on the women. Among all the sexy things men do unintentionally,  the jugular notch being visible from above the loosened knot have a subtle connection with sensuality, even if he simply dragged tie-knot down for a little more air passage.

4. Stroking the beard is sexier than you think

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The jawline in men are undoubtedly among the sexiest part, through stroking the beard along the jaw line is down to the chin is a very arousing gesture that redefines the masculine charisma. Needless to mention, it’s one of the prominent of sexy things men with the beard does almost a thousand times a day, that’s too pretty nonchalantly.

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5. Frequent eye contact is both cute and valiant

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Nothing shouts as loud as a confident man looking right into your eyes during a conversation and it has the potential to do more wonders over a sassy talk than any other sexy things men do unintentionally. No matter what, a woman can never help falling for a man who stares in a way to warm her heart. Guys don’t be overcautious to restrict your eyes from speaking your mind or bother about having a pair of keen expressive eyes, for women can be besotted with just your gaze.

6. The protective nature is always the most attractive thing about men

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While the feminists honk for gender equality, women don’t mind the men taking a step ahead in being protective of her. Cover her from rain, swipe over to the incoming traffic side while walking on the road or even grabbing her hand tightly while crossing the road and of course wrapping your coat on her shoulders when a chilled wind blows in the most appealing Hollywood style has a lasting impression. Don’t confuse it with possessiveness though.

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7. A man looks irresistible when drenched in rain

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Rain has been synonymous to romanticism from times unknown; it has the power to make an ordinary scenario quite seductive. Likewise, a man drenched in rain is indeed sensual and women can hardly brush that off without a lusty gaze; after all the thin fabric stuck to the body-line and nearly see-through is no less than an aphrodisiac. All you’ve got to do is miss out on carrying your rain covers more often boys!

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8. Witty and sociable men are highly in demand

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A man’s charm and wits are imperative in projecting a very “to die for” vibe about their personality and women can hardly resist that. However cautious and guarded a woman be about their date interest at parties and gatherings; but on the contrary, they still like easily going, sociable and quick-witted men more. Certainly, being witty will inevitably attract more attention and you can’t be much picky, no harm in playing safe though.

9. Guys do cry and it makes them look all the sexier

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The old school thinking that a man should pretend to be emotionally sturdy is all but a hoax. Moist eyes make men a charmer even to the level of beguile as most women feel the need to console or ameliorate the grief. Getting all the more attracted in the process. Don’t bother to hide your moist eyes from now on.

10. Cuddling with kids can get any woman besotted

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If a man loves children genuinely, no women can ever possibly eschew from noticing him. For women no matter how much they emphasise on smoky hot bodies but deep down just wish for a guy to whom they can emotionally attach to and affection towards kids certainly speaks of that possibility. Hence, there is nothing as powerful as cuddling or playing with a kid as far as the casually sexy things men can do nonchalantly are concerned.

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11. Getting jealous is a good sign, men

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A watchful eye and resentful insecurity in men are rare but much appreciated by a woman. Besides igniting and promoting love, a jealous lover actually proves how pricey he holds the lady love to let it slip away. The possibility of the enticing pampers and immense love can alone be highly persuasive to get a woman hooked onto you without deliberate efforts.

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