Why is Joey Tribbiani Everyone’s favorite?


We all love Joey, don’t we?The way he cares, the way he shows his friendship and simply the way he is! The sexy charm that he carries and the lovely heart… who wouldn’t want him! His childishness is too cute and much adorable! When we look at all the episodes, he stands out as the most lovable of all! Don’t you think? And how we all wished that Joey could get one girlfriend too… the one that stuck… at the end.

The one with Joey Tribbiani…

Below are few of my favorite “Joey”s:

1.When he eats, he eats!

Joey and his love for food! This became kinda my favorite line…


2. Appreciate the female figure…

He does… and in all way 😉


3. His trademark line!

“How you doing?”. Only he can pull it off…


4. Food? Oh, give me!

Joey doesn’t share food… never, ever!


5. Just the way he talks…

Yeah, baby!


6. He knows how to party!

Definitely… And really well…


7.He doesn’t care about the dieting stuff

This too became my goto line! Well, nobody else got any say on how do I look! Isn’t it so right?


8.Travel buddy!

He knows how to have fun while travelling… the excitement for new things, that craze…I so wish I had a travel buddy like him!


9.He knows Chandler a little too well!

Of course! When he imitates Chandler, he is SO Chandler…


10.He can make anything sound Dirty!

Well, Yes!


11.When he shares wisdom…

Everybody will have to hear it… It is all so new!


12. He knows what is right and what is not!

And he doesn’t hesitate to let his friends know it…


Tell me one thing… When you went through these, how many of his quotes did you say in the exact tone of his? I know, it’s hard to resist… He is hard to resist!