Indians Are Confusing Snapchat With Snapdeal And The Situation Is Hands On Hilarious


The internet has surely grown a lot over the past years because it is no longer a place to socially meet but a place to socially troll. It was just yesterday that the CEO of Snapchat pulled out a pretty heavy statement against India, He called the country poor and not eligible for expanding his business. That is enough for him to land into the trap of being trolled excessively over the social platform.

What went wrong all the way was people mistaking Snapdeal as Snapchat. Adding on to an excessive rage, Indians started confusing it with the e-commerce website Snapdeal and the company saw a lot of loss.

Because Indians, Oh, well!

Not just this but there were other people who totally nailed at being a pissed off Indian.

Another one!

Weren’t we supposed to bring down Snapchat?

The situation was a good catch for the ones who knew some people were nailing being idiots.

While Snapdeal is right there thinking what’d they do wrong?

The outrage, however, has left people questioning if what Evan said was for some kind of a self-promotion because no one can call India and Spain poor countries. Like, please! Evaluate the statement, Evan.