How to enjoy a rainy day !!!


We all just wait for the rainy season to present itself to us, taking away the scorching heat of the sun. Rains means a lot of different things to different people. Have you ever considered just taking pleasure to watch the rains? How beautiful it is to just watch the rains.

There are plenty of things we can plan to do on a rainy day.


  • Reading is one of the best get away’s.It instantly takes you into a completely different world. What better day to choose than a rainy day. Just pure bliss, this combination.




  • Cooking a delicious meal and having some hot beverages together with your family. Nothing feels better than a good hot dinner date with your loved one’s on a rainy day indoors.



  • Playing a game of soccer in this weather can be the best stress buster, it is the best thing to do on a rainy day along with your buddies.Make sure your you wear your guards and do not end up hurting yourself. Any sport for that matter can be enjoyed outdoors as long you get drenched in the rain.



  • Rains can make you feel quite lazy, and all you want to do is just sit in your house. The best thing to  do is call your friends over ,rent a good movie and have a good time indoors. May be you could throw in a round of monopoly after the movie. Playing is leisure at its best.




  • One of the best outdoor activities one can do on a rainy day is trekking. Probably a one day trek to a close by hill station with a group of people who enjoy physical activities. The view in most of these places is so mesmerizing specially when in rains.Rains only make this experience worthwhile.




  • So lastly if you simply cannot think of anything to do on a rainy day or no plan materializes, you could always do your endless pending house chores or clean your closet.




These are some of the few things one can do on a rainy day. Rains bring immense sense of joy along with them. Always plan some fun things always to do in the rains cause they will not last for long.