Hilarious General Perception About India And Indians The People From Different Country Has


Indians are famous in all over the world for numerous things like astrology, science, sports and what not. And not just the education or sports but also about its enriched culture, different languages and people as well. Folks out there love India, but some don’t love the way Indians live. So, Have you ever wondered that What the people from different countries think about India and It’s people? Of course, you have had this thought at least once in your head, I believe. Here is the answer to this question.
We picked some random quora answers in which people are telling their General Perception About India and Indians as well.

#1 Richard Muller

Looks Richard is way more concerned about the Indian air pollution than the people living in India.

“I feel very ignorant about India. I am deeply embarrassed that I have never visited.  Such a trip is top on my wish list. I look forward to experiencing the culture, the people, the history, the food, the color, the religions, the excitement. I have heard terrible things about the poverty, and I am not looking forward to seeing that.

I am deeply concerned about the air pollution in India. There is very little data available about it online, compared to China. There are measurements made in Delhi, and when I check, the pollution there is typically worse than in Beijing. We are hoping that our research organizationHome – Berkeley Earth, can get access to such data in India in the coming year. Our hourly map now includes only China, Japan, and South Korea: see Air Pollution Overview – Berkeley Earth We would love to add India. This environmental disaster needs more attention.”

air pollution in India

#2 Ryan J Farrick

It feels good when someone says things like “On the whole, I like being India.”

“I’ve been to India seven times. I like India quite a lot, although I’d describe the relationship I have with the country as being complicated. The constant staring, honking of horns in cities, and piles of rubbish on Himachal hiking trails take a toll after some time. Demonetization threw another curveball which has made my existence frustrating since the beginning of the month. I know a number of foreign tourists who have cut their trips short due to the scarcity of cash. Even I’ve decided to go back home a month earlier than planned, although my reasons are varied and largely personal (read: I’m poor and want to finish my degree).

People here are normally nice, friendly, and hospitable. Sometimes strangers are a little too curious, clicking pictures of me on the Metro or buses without asking. Occasionally I’ll be having an awful day or being trying to attend to a problem, only to have a gaggle of teenage boys imposes their company upon me. Such intrusions can be either humorous or highly annoying, depending on what I’m up to and what issues I’m trying to work out.”

#3 Anonymous 

Well, it seems she got way to analytical. No?

“I have experienced two very different sides to Indian culture. One from living in the US and having many Indian friends over a period of about 6 years. And one from working in India for some time (longer than a year). The difference between the two perspectives is at times astounding.
-From living in the US, interacting with Indians primarily in the university system:

Intelligent, doing well in classes, etc
Quiet/modest, parents instilling these values
Tend to be very cliquish (two Indians in a room tend to end up meeting each other). 
Holding onto Indian values passed down from the previous generation
Ambitious, successful
Hinduism comes off as a very peaceful/clean religion
At times hypocritical

-However, after spending a year in India, I come across this much more often:

Hardworking, at times, or case by case depending on the individual. Have come across some very hard workers. Have come across plenty of lazy individuals. Saw many students skip classes, many people slouching around in menial labor, etc.

Intelligent, at times. Everyone knows that there are intelligent Indian scientists and engineers doing big things across the world. But I also came across many Indians that did not seem to be able to think critically/intellectually in an argument.

Cheating/scheming. When looking for property I was scammed out of a month’s rent several times (from more than one broker). When making smaller purchases, you always have to be on your toes (unless you want to pay 5 times the normal price for example), etc.”

#4 Aditya Basu

The reason I personally kind of liked this answer because it is based on Facts. 

india in world

india in world

india in world

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india in world

#5 Parag Shivanekar

That’s the smarter way to learn the details of some country. 

condition of India