Here’s The Viral Selfie Which Is Breaking The Internet’s Stupid Obsession With Fair Skin


People are so much obsessed with fair skin that they usually start discriminating among people and they don’t even realise it. Dark skin has become a bad thing which people try to get away from, through trying fairness treatments, medicines, surgeries and what not. But the fact which people have failed to understand is that other human beings should be appreciated for their inner beauty.

Recently, Abhay Deol slammed all the famous Bollywood stars in one tweet for endorsing fairness products and he surely deserves applauds for it.

Also, a selfie in which 3 dark skinned girls are posing has become viral on the internet and we need to take a look of that for sure!!

So, here’s the Viral selfie which is breaking all sort of stereotypes!!

This selfie has been made viral by the caption “face of India they won’t show you”. And these three beautiful dark skinned women are redefining beauty by wearing a traditional outfit- saree and jewellery. Posing and smiling in front of the camera. They surely have killed the Indian ‘ugly obsession’ with fair skin.

So, here are some other dark skinned beauties who are slaying the world with their stunning looks.



I hope that soon people start seeing the beauty lying within the face rather judging people by their skin colour.