Here’s Why Choosing Your Struggle Is Important


If you were asked what you desired out of life, you would say, “I want a successful job, a wonderful family, and a peaceful life”. That would be extremely common and expected but it doesn’t have any meaning attached to it.

Everyone wants to feel good. Everyone wants a happy and easy life. Everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to build long-lasting relationships and everyone wants to look beautiful.

But the question that anyone barely considers is – what pain can you go through? Or how much are you willing to struggle to get where you want to be? These questions end up designing our lives in a massive way.

Many people want to have mind-blowing sex with an amazing relationship, but not all can survive the problems, take on the responsibilities, and be loyal.

Many people want a great body but not all are willing to sustain the pain and perseverance required to work out. Not all can stay dedicated to a diet plan for months at a time and watch while others enjoy their cheesecake.

Many people want a grand office and a bank balance that never runs out but not all can struggle through sixty-hour work schedules, gruesome paperwork, boring meetings and the hell-ish corporate patriarchy.

The secret to success doesn’t lie in what you enjoy. It lies in how much pain you can endure getting to your destination. The path to happiness isn’t fun at all.

Life isn’t a bed of roses. You can’t have it easy. You must choose your struggle because only that can actually take you somewhere.

People who love to sweat it out in the gym will enjoy winning marathons. People who like working extra shifts will climb the corporate hierarchy in no time. People who graciously accept the uncertainty and obstacles that life brings will be on top of their game.

Struggle is what defines you. Struggle can change a person’s life. Struggle is what gives it a perspective.

Your struggle is your identity.