Here’s Why Arvind Kejriwal is Gravely Misunderstood!

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Before beginning, it would be safe to proclaim that I am not a follower who would go head over heels to offend/defend someone they follow. It is also recommended to keep every iota of prejudice aside before one begins to read this passage.

Anyhow, I don’t usually take social media platforms like this to bring up what I believe in or don’t. But like any ordinary citizen of Delhi, every now and then, questions keep on piling up and answers are sought from those who are leading a democracy. In this case, it naturally has to be the CM.


Like everyone else who wants leaders to fail, fall flat on their faces and accept defeat, I also want him to fail – to find at least a shred of doubt on his face, something that could lead a pragmatic mind to disbelief, an expression which blows every belief out of the window.

To my dismay, I fail every time. For this man emerges with answers and shuts all the questions away. Some might say, like every other interview, his one too might be rigged. I would agree to those but then Kejriwal will need to be the best actor one has ever seen.


Throw any question, befoul any rug from under the carpet, wash any piece of dirty linen and then wait for answers to come. But be rest assured, the counter questions will be as blatant as the truth itself is.

It has become a common norm among media to corner AAP officials. They go ahead and corner them and put comments which you never could against the current crop of ministers, but answers shall still be delivered, and those too with angst. For there has to be a unit to monitor our media’s unhealthy bias.



How many times have we seen a Barkha or a Goswami to not be completely swayed by the political clout the center has? Never! How many times have we seen them appoint a media jury against a Vyapam or a Lalitgate? Never! How many times have we seen the so called crème de la crème of Indian Journalism taking “selfies” with the PM? Almost Always!

This could either stop or we can continue to witness News that are called Stories and Agendas that are Politically Motivated!


For an instance, there was a massive hoopla on the incident where Kejriwal wore sandals while meeting the French President.

We can go to great lengths explaining/justifying/barging/defending/criticizing. Basing the current political scenario and media theatrics in India, it all depends on three factors really:

– Are you a BJP/RSS/Jan Sangh supporter?

– Are you an Aam Aadmi Party’s supporter?

– Or last, Are you an intellect – eager to “know”?

The first two factors will always be in contradiction with the third one. For a BJP or an AAP supporter will never defend the other one.

If you, by very unlikely means, fall under the third category, you can assume it to be something Kejriwal is least bothered with. He has been doing the rounds on pavements and roads since the early 2000s. Very less was known about him when he was doing ‘Nukkad Natikas’ to make people familiar with their day to day problems and the bureaucratic failures going on in their Mohallas and cities.


‘Kaha lagaya kaha lagaya, contractor mera paisa kaha lagaya’ would be his slogans while chanting and singing on the roadsides and in slums of Delhi. There are youtube videos available – plenty of them to cement what Kejriwal has been through in all these years. Then came the famous RTI which actually triggered a foresighted political rift and channelized, albeit virtual, some power in the hands of the ‘Common Man’.


There are majorly three ways to enter in the political space of this country. Either you belong to the Gandhis, hence the UPA or you come up the ladders through RSS, hence the BJP/NDA or you can work at the ground level, with the people, by becoming a genuine social worker. The latter, I believe, is the toughest to form an outlook this political.

I can go on and criticize him for the way he dresses up or the way he has almost zero rhetoric when dealing with problems and finding solutions, but then being the CM of the capital of this country, I think there are bigger issues that need to be focused here, rather than a minister’s attire.