These Health Benefits Of Pani Puri Will Make You Crave For Them More


Good News for the all the Pani Puri aficionados. Now if someone questions you while eating your universal love Pani Puri then you just have to tell them this. Just by the thought of it, the sweet and sour flavor fo the Chutney, the crispy ball and the sweet and salt Pani melts your heart. Pani Puri is like an addiction you just cannot have one or two but eight to ten in one go. What if I tell you that eat Pani Puri and fight common health problems? Miracle right? Read below.

Helps in reducing weight


Water balls will result in weight loss, wow! Eat Pani Puri made up of wheat flour. Don’t add sugar in the Pani but don’t forget to add the herbs in it. Fry the Puri in low flame and make it less oily. This method of eating it will result into weight loss and will make your soul happy.

It helps in fighting mouth ulcers


The spicy and tangy flavor that we get in the Pani helps in relieving mouth ulcers. But be careful don’t eat excessive of it as well.



You can get ease from Acidity within few minutes after consuming Pani Puri. The same wheat flour Puris should be consumed with salt, black pepper, mint, sugar, etc. This is will act as a neutralizer in your stomach.

Lights your mood up


Pani Puri is helpful in digestion as well. So it is suggested to eat it before having a meal. If you a fitness freak then you should not consume more than 5-6 of them.

Got out your buddies and enjoy eating them as now you know that you might lose few calories.