This Harry Potter Themed Restaurant Is A Dream Come True For Every Harry Potter Fan

Harry potter

The official ending of our childhood is considered to be the time when we graduate from our high school, but in the case of diehard Harry Potter fans, it was the year 2011, July 11 when they bid adieu to their childhood when the last part of Harry Potter series was released.

However, lately these old fans are getting new surprising day by day as the author of Harry Potter series i.e J.K Rowling had earlier in the year 2016 came out with yet another book. Remember Harry Potter & The Cursed Child?

But books aren’t the only things that a true Harry Potter fan would want in his life. It’s the feel and charisma of the Hogwarts that drives him crazy. And now dreams of such Harry Potter fans have finally come true. There is now a Harry Potter themed restaurant in Brooklyn. It serves the perfect blend of essence that we feel whenever we watch a part of this movie series. Check out some of the amazing photographs that will make you crave for a visit.

Black Magic for Brown-Brownies ! !

The colourful DESERT filled with life and sweetness . . .

This will serve a perfect treat in a candle light dinner ! !

 Damn, these Menu Cards and magical wands are LOVE …
Care to taste the MAGIC ?

Aren’t these images amazing? When a reporter from Huffington Post spoke to the owner of the restaurant, Alex Dimitrov, he was all excited about this new venture and said, ‘The place is magical so [the] Harry Potter theme came naturally’. He even plans to organize Harry Potter-themed events and meet ups.

Looking at the aura of the restaurant, even small goodies have been minutely and cleverly altered so as to avoid any kind of copyright claims from J.K Rowling as well as from Warner Bros. that is apparently quite a smart move. It doesn’t seem like there will be any issues of such things in the coming future.

So how did you find this restaurant? Doesn’t it make you go and have a nice try of its amazing deserts and dishes. Please share your opinion in the comment section below.