These Habits Of Yours While Doing Bikini Wax Can Be Dangerous

Bikini Wax is one of most used and common ways to keep one’s pubic area neat and clean.  Waxing causes irritation and pain as well. Here are some tips to help you ease the pain of a bikini wax. You may also want to read which option is better for bikini area waxing.
Before waxing

Do not shave:

Plan to wax two to three weeks in advance and don’t shave. Till then the pubic hair will grow and thus will become suitable for waxing. If they are small then waxing will be more painful.

Don’t wax during periods:

During PMSing your skin is very prone to infection and waxing at that time is like inviting the bacteria and viruses.

Wax only what is visible:

Wax only those areas which are necessary. Waxing those parts which are not even visible is pointless and furthermore, can lead to infection and bruising.

Scrub the bikini area:

Make sure that you scrub the bikini area before waxing. Scrubbing will unblock the hair follicles and make the process less painful.
After waxing

No steam/sauna:

After waxing the pores on your skin open after the hair is removed and thus it is very likely that you might catch an infection. Avoid steam baths for at least 3 days.

Avoid wearing synthetics:

Wear something which keeps you comfortable and something which is loose. Let some air come in.

Avoid having sex:

Do not have sex at least for 48 hours after a bikini wax as already mentioned the pores of your skin are open and there is a chance of infection.
Tips to soothe the skin

Apply a cold compress:

If you experience irritation apply a cold compress. You can also apply rose oil, chamomile oil, and cucumber.


Proper exfoliation removes dirt and impurities that block the pores of the skin. Exfoliation on a daily basis is also essential to prevent the ingrown hairs.