Gurgaon has Better Quality of Life as Compared to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


When you read the title, it first comes off as something preposterous, then something shocking, and only after a whole array of emotions does it finally sink in and instill in you a moment of pride. Born and brought up in Gurgaon, I have seen the city rise from the dust and seeing new buildings when there were none only a year ago, a six-lane highway where there had existed only a road fit enough for bullock carts and a world class city, where twenty-five years ago, there had existed none.

According to the data released by Numbeo, Gurgaon ranks 141 in all the cities worldwide, ahead of major cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. But who decides who ranks where? What are the parameters that determine the rank of a city?

Parameters to determine the rank of a city

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The rankings are user generated data, are based on a number of parameters including purchasing power, safety, cost of living, property price-to-income ratio, traffic commute time, pollution and climate. It might come off as a surprise to a lot of people but Mangalore too ranks really high(48th to be precise) on this scale and surpasses many world centers like Hamburg, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Madrid, Prague, New York, and Tokyo.

Yet another notable mention on this list is Pune which ranks 102nd in the list, ahead of New York(106) and London(112).

So how do the Indian cities fare

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Mangalore scored really high on purchasing power, health care, and safety, thereby surpassing its rival. Pune too fared well on purchasing power, health care, and safety. Hyderabad too made a mark for itself and managed to score a rank of 116 on a really dense chart.

Gurgaon scored well on purchasing power, quality of life, and really high on the health care with state of the art medical facilities(Medanta, Fortis among others). That being said, it did not fare that well on safety parameters and traffic commute time. Apart from that, it did manage to beat both Delhi and Noida, its two noisy neighbors in the battle for supremacy. Among other prominent stand-offs, Delhi bettered Mumbai due to purchasing power and climate indicators and Bangalore bettered Chennai by ranking better on the same indicators as above.

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