These Are Those Google Hacks That You Need To Do To Make Your Life Easier! MIND BLOWING TIPS!

Google hacks

Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world and we do turn up to it in case we are doubtful about anything. It not only provides us with correct information but it also has many additional features that many people are unaware of. During the past few years, Google has been working hard to make it a better experience for its users. It has improved the quality of information and added a lot more shortcuts which make it easy to use. Here are some Google hacks that can make one’s daily life easier are mentioned below:

1. Comparing food

Google hacks When it comes to comparing the nutrition value two foods, it becomes quite tough to conclude about which one is more nutritious or healthy. Google can provide you with the right answer.

2. Setting a Timer

Google hacks

For those who find it a long way to open the clock and then start a timer on the cell phone, Google has a solution for you. You can set a timer in Google.

3. Playing game

Google hacks

We cannot keep working constantly and need small breaks while working. Google acts as a stress reliever too, as we can play a game like jazz rush just by typing it in the search bar.

4. Sunset and Sunrise timings

Google hacks

Google also helps one to know about the timings of sunsets and sunrise of a particular place so while at a hill station, this may help you enjoy beautiful views only if you’re punctual.

5. The tip calculator

Google hacksGoogle has a Tip calculator which helps people to calculate the amount of tip to be left. You can get it just by typing it in the search bar.

6. Flight information

Google hacksIn order to know the timings and updates of your flight, you don’t need to go deep in the airlines site. All you got to do is type the flight number and airline.

7. Movie release dates

Google hacks

Excited for a movie, but don’t know the release date? Google has the answer to everything. Just type the name of the movie and release date.

8. Basic information  of a company    

Google hacks

One can access to the basic info of a company just by typing the name of the company in the search bar.

9. Music artists

Google hacks

Google can also help you listen just to the hits of your favorite music artist. Just type “songs by [artist]” and listen to your favorite music artist.