This GM Diet Plan Will Help You Lose Weight In Just 7 Days


General Motors diet plan is one of the thousand diet plans that have quickly gained global following. GM diet plan is something everyone wants to follow for the fact that it leads to very fast weight loss easy to execute and no complicated ingredient involved. GM Diet was reportedly developed by General Motors Corporation for its employees to lose weight and feel nourish. It was started with collaboration from food and drug administration and US department for agriculture. It was even tested by Johns Hopkins Research Center in 1985 earlier to its approval.

The Diet Plan

Day 1

Your first day must comprise of all fruits except bananas and mangoes with 8-12 glasses of water. Higher water intake limits the detoxification that takes place inside our body. Also, it helps in increasing the metabolic rate of your body keeping the body energetic. Fruit juices, Oils, and any veggies must be avoided. There is no restriction on how many fruits to be eaten and you can have as many times as you can. The recommended fruits are Watermelons, cantaloupes, papaya, apples, and oranges as they have high fiber content and low in fat. As its low-calorie diet plan but you are not advised to starve and if you feel hungry, satisfy your craving.

Day 2

Restriction of day 1 i.e. veggies must be your intake for day 2. Your focus must be only on eating vegetables either raw or boiled such as baked potato or a pat of butter. Other healthy choices can be carrots, beans, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce as it will keep you energetic for the whole day of the diet. The veggies increase fiber intake (Potatoes contains carbohydrates, peas are enriched with protein, and carrots and beans are full of fiber and essential vitamins) and regulate sugar content from the fruits you took on day 1. Restrict your oil intake to a minimum and if possible consume potato at the time of breakfast.

Day 3

Your day 3 must be a mix of diets from day 1 and day 2 and will break the monotony of eating only veggies the previous day thus satisfying your taste buds. Eat both fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes. The potatoes must be shunned because you will be getting the required carbs from fruits you take. This day will help your body in getting the benefits from fruits and vegetables and supplement the nutrients it needs. The 8-12 glass of water must be drunk regularly as it helps in flushing out toxins out. By this day, your body is all set to start burning the extra pounds that were piled all these years through eating junk foods.

Day 4

The restriction of all the above days i.e. bananas that was asked to stay away from is withdrawn and you are required to eat 8 bananas with four glasses of milk (skimmed milk preferred) over the course of the day. Bananas provide the necessary sodium and potassium required and are an instant source of energy. They are also rich in pectin which assists digestion. Milk is also a substantial source of calcium and potassium and helps in strengthening of bones. Right addition or snacking can be soup with ingredients having onions, capsicum, and tomatoes. This will help in reinforcing nutrients and lose weight to considerable amount. Again, drink enough water that will keep you going through the day.

Day 5

The food to be eaten on this day ought to be rich in proteins. Preferably, vegetarians can have a cup of brown rice whereas non-vegetarian can opt for lean protein sources like chicken breast or fish. 6 large tomatoes and a 12-15 glass of water must not be forgotten. The increased water intake is to counter the uric acid your body will be producing and the tomatoes will help in digestion as they are high in fiber. The brown rice is a complex of carbs and fiber. Fish also contains omega-3 oils that are useful for your body. You will feel better by the end of the day and your mood gets uplifted from the monotonous diet plan. And the last two days, you will see a good amount of fat getting dropped off your body.

Day 6

Day 6 is another high food intake day. Vegetarians can have a cup of brown rice with some cottage cheese while non-vegetarians can eat up to 500gms of skinless chicken and all vegetables. Tomatoes and Potatoes can be skipped for this day. The tip of the day is have boiled vegetables and not fried. Also, a combination of vegetables gives fibers and extra nutrients required by our body. A little strenuous exercise will help in burning fat and you will start experiencing a slimmer body. Drink at least 8-12 glasses and avoid fruits especially mangoes and cherry.

Day 7

You can have one cup of brown rice and without restricting the quantity, any vegetables. One can add fruit juices after every meal or snack but maintain the sugar content to a minimum. This will supplement the nutritional value of veggies and flush out toxins from the body. Like all the other 7 days, avoid certain food like dairy products, alcohol, soda, sweetened drinks etc.
Now that you have completed the diet plan, a sense of accomplishment will appear on your face with a bright smile as you go to bed. Apart from several benefits, there are side effects of this diet if practiced regularly. The GM diet gives fruitful results if followed every alternate week