This Is Why Girls With Anxiety Are The Strongest

girl with anxiety

She isn’t ordinary. Every morning, her anxiety tells her that she won’t be able to make it, that she isn’t good enough. But every day, she chooses to ignore that thought and rise above.

She’s in a constant war zone with her own mind and that isn’t a pleasant place to be in. It would be easy for her to stay in bed, or not show up for work, or cancel plans with friends or just not be around people at all. But she takes a deep breath and pushes past it.

girl with anxiety

Even a little thing can take her spiraling out of control. It could be running into someone unexpected. It could be a random text message from someone who has hurt her in the past. It could also be a simple a strange look from a close friend. She might overthink and over-analyze every small detail, but she will never truly reveal the battles she fights with herself each day.

She’s been through times when she felt absolutely paralyzed due to her own anxiety, and that’s something which motivates her to never let the dark thoughts eclipse the best qualities in her. She fights her demons harder than anyone else because she refuses to allow her anxiety to control her life.

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girl with anxiety

Her anxiety may make her feel inferior. Her anxiety may make her feel like she doesn’t deserve to have it all. But she won’t stop at anything. She’s no damsel in distress. She’s a soldier. She’s going to stand up even when she feels like she might collapse. She’s going to project her voice even when she thinks everyone is judging her.

She’s never going to stop trying. Even though she might fall down at times, but she’ll always muster the courage to stand back up.

girl with anxiety

She’s a pure badass babe.

To her, the whole world lies outside her comfort zone. She’s always tensed about how to behave and what to say. She’s always on the edge of crumbling but that’s something she can’t allow herself to do.

Every day, she’s getting stronger. Every day, she’s learning how to handle it better. Her mind might not get even a minute of peace all day, but she’s still a winner every damn day.