Do Gadget Addiction Ruining Your Family Life? These Steps Will Help You In Balancing The Both.


In recent years, electronic gadgets have re-framed our lives so much that, without them our life is unimaginable. Most of our time is spent on Laptops, Mobile phones, iPads, Tablets etc. Because of this, necessity has become an addiction. There is an indirect impact on personal life as well. It is necessary to balance the life with both family and these electronic gadgets.

Let’s look at the ways to balance them effectively.

Keep a time-frame for Gadgets

To lead the life in this e-world, electronic gadgets such as Laptops, Cell phones, Tablets etc are necessary. But that should not overlap our personal time as well. When your father is waiting to tell you something and you are busy talking on the phone – it’s disrespect. When your child is striving to share its wonderful moments at school and you are busy sending an email – it disappoints the kid. So, prepare a time-frame for using the gadgets as well as spend quality time with family.

Respect the physical presence

In professional life, we prioritize the work right! When you are talking over the phone and your boss calls you, what will you do? You prefer to meet your boss first while giving the phone call second preference, else he/she will scream at you for unknown reasons. It is always true that physical presence is more important than the virtual. So give respect to those who are physically around you. Chatting with Facebook or WhatsApp friends or group shall be given next option.

Minimize the use of gadgets in front of kids

Recent generation is more addicted to electronic gadgets because they have started using them at a very early age. When adults keep using their mobile phones and tablets in front of their infants, they too desire to use them. It may seem to be fun sometimes but think of long term issues. Adults may use them in limits but infants may cross them. Moreover, older generation started wearing vision friendly spectacles during their 40’s. Whereas recent generation wears spectacles during their childhoods days. However, due to electronic gadgets, kids are acting lazy in playing games at grounds now-a-days. So, minimize the use of electronic gadgets in front of your kids and restrict them to using it.

Celebrate a ‘No-gadget’ day once in a month

We celebrate ‘environmental day’, ‘Children’s day’, ‘Teachers day’, ‘Engineers day’ and lots more. Why not a “No-gadget” day? Feeling strange? Do you remember the days we have lived before the invention of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets? If not, create an event in your family and celebrate the day in a month without using any electronic gadgets. Just spend the day with love and compassion with each of your family members. And don’t even try to think of checking your emails or messages on that day.

Just give a thought for a while, how many hours in a year are we spending our time with these gadgets? And how the family and relationships are being affected by this? We can sort them out by balancing it effectively. Try and see…!