From Princess to Queen- The Longest Reigning Monarch In History Completes Her Sapphire Jubilee Today


The longest reigning monarch in history completes her sapphire jubilee, that’s 65 years of being on the throne. Yes, you got it right. Queen Elizabeth II, 90, reached a major milestone that’s her sapphire jubilee. There would be no ostentatious function on the occasion as stated by the Queen herself. She says that it would be a bit over done and so she would love to simply celebrate the occasion in the Buckingham Palace with her husband, Prince Philip. This is a day for a grand celebration as well as for mourning as well. 6th February is when she started her journey as a sovereign and also this day she lost her father. 

Australian high commissioner to London, Alexander Downer, said a lot while praising the Queen. He said that he hasn’t seen any better political figure and that the Queen has never made a public mistake in her reign of about 65 years.

The Queen has come a long way through all the royal family problems, be it the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, or the death of Princess Diana in a high-speed car accident. The family has seen tough times and then tried all the resorts to overcome the adversities.

Among all the terrible experiences, Queen claims that her most horrible year was 1992 when both Princess Anne and Prince Andrews called off their marriages and some more hideous incidents followed.

After dealing with all this, the Queen at 90 is still the head of the family. She has clearly stated that she won’t renounce her throne until she dies because one must hold on to the throne till his/her last breath.

People believe that the Queen has yet many years on the throne after she recovered from the cold that caught her during the Christmas time.

The Royal Mint, one of the few organizations that are marking the sapphire jubilee by bringing up seven new celebratory coins. The coin is supposed to be of 5 pounds sterling. The Queen has given her approval for the design of the coin. This coin is not meant to replace the existing coin.

The most exclusive commemorative coins are the gold coins by Royal Mint. They have produced only 110 coins for that purpose.

The Queen after 65 years of her public work still continues to work every single day where she goes to attend public meetings, reads government documents and has chosen to stay out of the Brexit issue after the country voted to leave the European Union.

Though it is believed that Queen was in the favor of this exit but, one never knows as there are no notes of these meetings.

She went as a princess and returned as a Queen, who has since then worked only for her kingdom.

On her Sapphire Jubilee let’s acknowledge the various powers and privileges that the Queen gets to enjoy.

1)    No license-

Where the common folks struggle to get the driving license, the Queen doesn’t require a license at all.

2)    No passport-

The Royal Queen doesn’t need a password to travel either.

3)    Official as well as Unofficial birthdays-

An official birthday has been a thing in the royal family from the very beginning. So, the Queen celebrates her real birthday on April 21 and an official birthday on a Saturday in June.

4)    Did you say- “a personal cash machine”?

Well, yes. The Queen has an added advantage of having a private cash machine in the basement of the Buckingham Palace.

5)    Woah! A private poet!

Carol Ann Duffy is at present the private poet of Queen Elizabeth. This designation is assigned to a person whose works are of national significance.

6)    The Owner of so many swans and dolphins!

This sounds funny but, the Queen owns all the swans in the river Thames and all the dolphins of the British water belong to her.

7)    No law without the Queen’s consent-

The perk of being the Queen is that no bill can be passed to form a law without the approval of the Queen.

8)    No tax imposition on the Queen!

The Queen has the option of opting out of the tax payment voluntarily but, you be surprised to know that she doesn’t use this power and has begun paying her share of tax since 1992.

9)    Appointment of government officials-

She has the privilege of appointing the Lords and Knights.

10)     The Queen of Australia-

She is also the Queen of Australia under the enactment of the Royal Styles and Titles Act in 1953.

11)     Head of Church-

As per her formal title, that is “Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governed of the Church of England”, she the head of Church of England.

12)     No prosecution-

No one has the right to execute the Queen of England out of power.

13)     Hold your breath! This will shock you. She can banish the entire Australian government-

The Prime minister of Australia is appointed by the government general and the Queen can request the appointment of a new Prime Minister at any point in time. Also, she can throw the governor general out of power. Isn’t it cool?