Forget iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Is Now On A Roll – All The Rumors That You Need To Know


It has been only 3 months since the launch of Apple’s new flagship product – The iPhone 7, and the company is still yet surprising us with its new idea about the next flagship product i.e iPhone 8, which will be releasing within 9 months or so.

Ironically we live in an era where some of the people are trying hard to even dare to afford the 4th gen iPhone model while the other are already queuing up for discussing and planning about the next year’s iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 had to go through a lot of criticism where the critics and the reviewers literally accused it to be the exact replica of its predecessor – iPhone 6s with just slight hinge of modification. However, it is interesting to note that the year 2017 will mark Apple Company’s 10 Year Anniversary into the International Mobile Phone Market. So may be Apple was just saving up the ‘BIG CHANGES’ for its grand iPhone 8 which they will be now releasing on its 10th Anniversary.

So what are these BIG CHANGES, let’s get into it right away.

  • The new iPhone 8 is expected to have a DUAL curved OLED Screen.
  • A lot of Bezel-Less Designs are being sketched for the new iPhone 8.
  • The screen is expected to be made out of strong and transparent PC Plastic and not the glass.
  • Apple has recently asked its suppliers to manufacture a screen that should be much better than Samsung, so iPhone 8 may have a much higher resolution than the QUAD HD.
  • LG is expected to provide a foldable screen by 2018.
  • The new iPhone 8 will house a faster processing chipset – A11 which is apparently 40% more efficient than its predecessor A10.
  • Wireless Charging and Fast Charging are definitely on cards.

These rumors have been leaked from a very reliable source who has asked for a complete anonymity. However, we FeedFad team would also like to clarify that any change in the final outcome of the specification, we shall not be held responsible for the promises that you had betted on.