You Have Forever To Find Your Soul Mate, But This Is The Time To Find Yourself


Love is everything they talk about in literature. The pulling your loved one in a sweet cuddle at night, or the random ‘I miss you, honey bun’ texts during the day. The endless chatting, the inside jokes and the preparing breakfast every Sunday morning in your pajamas together. Love is nothing but an enigma. But love isn’t something that you need right now. Love can wait. First, you have to find yourself.

You need to find out what makes you get up in the morning and chase your goals each day. You need to find out what gives your life meaning and will continue doing so even when you’re 50. What not only lets you have a livelihood, but also enriches your heart. Something that you’re passionate about. Something that you will do again and again without showing even a bit of regret.

But the journey isn’t going to be easy. You’re gonna have to pull in late nights. You will have to dig deep and scratch your head to extract every last ounce of magnificence you have inside you. You might find it so difficult that you would want to quit half way. But don’t. When you’re at the lowest point of the cave, you’re closest to the gold mine and that’s when you’ll crack it.

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There’s no need to describe yourself as lonely when you’ve got so much going on for you in your life. Your relationship status doesn’t prove your identity. Your work, your struggles and your achievements are the things that define you.

Don’t go easy on your abilities because you were made to do so much more. Don’t give up if you’ve reached a hurdle because it’s always sweeter after crossing the finish line. Don’t be satisfied because you are able to put food on the table. Aim for higher because the world is yours to explore.

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Figure out what you’re meant to do. Figure out your motivations and inspirations. Figure out what puts your soul on fire. Figure out what drives you to get through the day when you’re having a bad time. Figure out your purpose in this relentless world.

That’s when you’ll know it’s the right time. That’s when you will be ready for your soul mate and they will be ready for you. That’s when the stars will align in your favor and you’ll get your happy ending.

Till then, find yourself.