Foods That Are Poison To Your Health When You Are PMSing


Bad choices can lead to destructions. Be it choosing your clothes, the type of friends you have, the kind of attitude that you have, etc. And we talk about something so crucial like periods we cannot afford to miss a single beat related to it. So here are few everyday items that you should avoid in order to get at least ten percent peace in your periods.

Soda Drinks


Carbonated drinks can lead to excessive bleeding and inflation. Prefer drinking natural juices, coconut water, normal water, etc.

High Sodium Foods



These foods too result in bloating. Your blood pressure goes down too.

Fried Foods


These foods result in high level of Estrogen in your body which again results into a stomach ache.



Kidney beans, chickpeas, etc result into swelling. Avoiding these will ease the process a bit.

Refined Grains


These foods lose the value as they are processed and they mess up with the sugar level in your body which is not good for you.

High Fat Foods


These foods become your enemy as they disturb the hormonal activity in your body.