Foods That You Should Eat In You Periods To Keep Yourself Healthily PMSing


That time is painful and messy. Why does it even has to come? Your whole body drains out, your mood is altogether on a different level, backaches to stomach aches, the aches are never ending. But whatever be the situation food has always lifted our mood and made us feel better. Here are few foods that you should eat in those 7 days to keep the situation in control.

Iron rich foods

The level of iron in your body fluctuates during periods. You feel like eating everything. But keep in mind that you intake only healthy foods and avoid fast foods.

Citrus Foods


Vitamin D rich foods help in controlling the anxiety level in your body. Your body will be at ease and you feel calm. Eat oranges, lemons, limes, etc. But keep in that excessive of these can lead you to stomach ache.

Potassium Rich Foods


The foods which contain a high level of Vitamin B6 they help in proper digestion which is a common problem that the women face. It helps in prevention of bloating.

Magnesium Rich Foods


One of the best sources of Magnesium is Chocolate. WOOHOO! You get a license to eat as much chocolate as you want to. It helps in regulating the happy hormones in your body.



It is like the mom during the periods all the nutrients and vitamins that you need, this veggie has it all. It will reduce stress levels as well.

Omega 3



It is a tasty painkiller. It helps in easing your period cramps. You will get it in salmon fish, walnut, avocado, pumpkin, etc.