Five Important Lessons To Learn from Kim Kardashian 


Kim Kardashian is not just a celebrity but an outstanding figure in the glamour world who has been serving up with her endless looks, for her fans. No matter what outfit she sports and makeup she wears, her beauty is centered on her gorgeous, glowing skin, which keeps her picture ready always.

When so many brands and businesses are busy gathering the attention of their consumer and clients, Kim Kardashian effortlessly keeps 18 million captive social media followers and makes millions.

There are a few lessons to be learned from this master maker.

1. Media Friendly

Kim Kardashian2

The celebrity has proved it right that be a friend of the media and the media will be a friend to you. No matter how popular a celebrity she is, she goes a step beyond when speaking to reporters. She has a gesture unlike what most other celebrities do and you can make out from her approach that had training. She walks the press line so calmly that whenever she addresses an interview, she tries not to look away from the interviewer until she finishes her statement. Kim is a celebrity who knows how to “smile with her eyes. ”–a Tyra Banks tip she talked about when she guest judged on America’s Next Top Model.

2. Using social media to speak your mind

Kim Kardashian3

Before letting the media put words in your mouth, it’s wise to control the story by telling it yourself. Just as celebrities use social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and blog posts as today’s modern day press conferences, Kardashian expertly uses social media to speak out her mind and listen to her fans.

3. Always Ready To Steal The Spotlight

Kim Kardashian4

If this is not enough for fans who want more of Kim Kardashian’s lessons, here’s one more, which preaches to be always ready to face the spotlight. No doubt Kim Kardashian always steals the spotlight yet she is always ready to face it and acts friendly to reporters, photographers and even aggressive paparazzi waiting to catch a glimpse of her outside the restaurants, production studios, and public events. She does her job in a pretty fair manner and pauses for a minute to let cameras shoot her. They have a job to do, and so does she.

4. Always Ready to be Clicked

Kim Kardashian6

Remember, the public is always watching your moves, and the world gets to see Kardashian as very conscious of being a public figure. Full of compassion and intelligence, the celebrity every appearance as her job. Kardashian believes that it’s all about projecting what image you want people to see of you, this tells her success. She is a celebrity who takes her each move very seriously and wont curse in front of the cameras or trash your dressing room or show up hungover to her audiences. Because she’s here to work.

5. Bold enough to admit the facts!!

Kim Kardashian5

“The fashion world gets to see the real Kim. Kim is a spokesperson for QuickTrim, a weight loss supplement, and is bold enough to admit that she has cellulite like nearly every other woman in America and so she spreads the message around to never weigh yourself. As per her conversation with UK Cosmopolitan, she says “When I was criticized for it, I said ‘I have cellulite. So what!’

This cute little dimple of her cellulite says all! Isn’t it so worth for those cookies and ice cream.”