Our Favourite 6 On Screen Couple With Some Serious Relationship Goals

Bollywood is that entertainment industry which has always influenced the Indians and now the Western people as well. In terms of cuisine, dressing, language, slangs, career, etc. Bollywood had also given its audience evergreen on-screen couples who have stolen million of hearts.

1) Raj And Simran

The ultimate love tale, with some serious relationships goal that if you truly love someone
you will do anything for them. Its the evergreen love story which can make you laugh, cry and fall in love.

2) Nelson and Sara in Sweet November

This is a story about life and relationships. There is a saying that goes, “The meaning of life, is to give life meaning Sweet November,( Circle of Friends)  shows us with a firm conviction that there’s nothing in life that can’t be fixed by a little nice decor.”

3) Veer Zara

They story of a royal Pakistani girl and a down to earth Punjabi army official. When at the end we thought that Veer would never be able to see Zara again, is then they meet each other finally they defeated all the odds.

4) Bunny and Naina in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

She fell in love, he fell in love too but with his dreams. So she couldn’t say anything except to let him go! They meet again, this time he falls in love. And their unfulfilled desires are finally fulfilled when they confess. The best love story till date.

5) Amit Chandni  in Silsila

This movie teaches is us do the right thing even if it is the hardest thing in the world.  If your love was true and strong then eventually you’ll get a chance to rekindle your love.

6) Holly and Paul Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Los Angeles–based writer Sam Wasson’s new book, 5th Ave, 5 AM: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, tells the story of how a book about a gay man in love with a call girl turned into a beloved romance between a dreamboat and a style maven.